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  1. Been tinkering a bunch with portraits, I think I've found some of the best methods to really make them fit alongside the official ones. Orlan art by @Artinthepan and godlike art by https://gauntletto.tumblr.com/. Also if the original artists happen to see these and would prefer me not to post my watercolor versions, let me know and I'll remove them!
  2. Sorry, not too satisfied with this one, but maybe you might get some use from it!
  3. Sorry! I was meaning to post the credits in the post but I couldn't get to it before the post was approved. Certainly wasn't intending to try and maliciously alter anyone's artwork. Added the artist to the original post.
  4. Half-decent? This is really good! Thanks! I’ve been perusing these portrait threads for a few weeks now, trying to find perfect portraits before realizing I could just do it myself (kinda). They’re kind of addicting to make, and if anyone has any they’d like done I could make some attempts. The drawn watercolor ones still impress me the most, wish I could actually draw.
  5. An orlan portrait. Art goes to @Ashinthepan. Edit: Fixed dark background.
  6. Decided to just learn how to do it myself, here's my very rough first attempt at a fire godlike portrait I found! Edit: Added a few more rough ones.
  7. Could anyone take a crack at this one? I'd really love to play a Death Godlike, but it's tough finding the perfect portrait.
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