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  1. I put together a portrait myself, and I'm still not having a great time with these watercolors. Anyone up for Ciri as a one-eyed pale elf? It seems like complaining about it is the easiest way to get over my troubles! Went back and cleaned up the hair a bit and managed to churn out a watercolor. Not fully satisfied, but the hair's much less of a problem than my other try was.
  2. You are also a very seasoned combatant, and your party members are too (mostly). Yet you can get SURROUNDED by a group of nobodies. Ambush itself is fine, but the fact that some random pirates are able to surround your veteran group is dumb. Hey sorry for wanting some RPG in a RPG ;p Those guys are not hostile unless you choose to attack them. Do you always roleplay Charnames who attack people on sight if you don't like the way they approach you? Not really the point and the reasons most people gave in this thread are not really either. Ambush is fine, but making it so you bend over to have a 64 inch greatsword shoved up your backside, it just breaks immersion for me. You must never be immersed in video games ever, then. A bunch of people walking up to you in the middle of a city without open hostile intent who can easily just have a chat with you and walk away? That isn't even a particularly egregious example of an ambush. Also, using "retarded" in this context really isn't a good look on you.
  3. I wasn't aware mugging was a capital offense now. Actually, the money was rightfully hers. He lost to her in cards then flipped out on her. Then he lied to you and everyone else about the whole matter. I'm sure this would be fine to our OP if she was a man, though.
  4. looks this way or the people who supposed to fix the bugs are on a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG holiday you try playing my save :D half quests are open without option to complete half quest were done without option to choose cause well bug tekehu\druid character using rot skull - cant switch weapons (stuck with this skull permanently) and ofc my lovely spamming Maia wanna try my save? I mean... they've definitely fixed bugs, just not the ones that bother you. Also your save sounds catastrophically broken in ways I've never seen playing the game, if I understand you correctly. really? i had issue with the 2 families quest after one was killed by me - cause the quest forced me - suddenly the negotiation scene started and i was like WTH.... how? they are all dead same with one island that i needed queen words or so - i had them and still didnt work and with showing documents of a pirate betrayal with slavery thing - i had the documents - confronted and nothing... no option other then kill tekehu cant switch weapons (other druid character i build - after using skull, cant switch weapons Aloth reputation wont go above 1 - the whole game.... Pallegina wont hate me... even when i sleep and pray at the temples that she hates so much after Maia left me - we were in relationship kinda - i couldn't start any with Tekehu... but started one with Xoti O.o? also i have many quests that i killed some characters and cant report - lets say bounty quest - instead of getting fail on the quest, its still active O.o but person is dead.... and there is Luca... i have him on my crew like infinite times.... like i dont need even hire crew - i can speak to him infinite times and as many as i did - that many he will join and this is just the bugs that did bother me...... Yeah, I've never had a single one of those bugs, not after the patch. I had the relationship bug before the patch, but I've never even heard of most of those. You definitely need to send in your save and report them, that's a crazy series of bugs.
  5. looks this way or the people who supposed to fix the bugs are on a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG holiday you try playing my save :D half quests are open without option to complete half quest were done without option to choose cause well bug tekehu\druid character using rot skull - cant switch weapons (stuck with this skull permanently) and ofc my lovely spamming Maia wanna try my save? I mean... they've definitely fixed bugs, just not the ones that bother you. Also your save sounds catastrophically broken in ways I've never seen playing the game, if I understand you correctly.
  6. Hey, so I wanted to make an island aumaua and the portrait I liked was coastal. I did a quick edit.
  7. I kinda wish there were basic character-specific AI settings that kept companion special abilities in mind. Or at least ones that were more mixed than passive/aggressive seem to be. I mostly have Tekehu being healy, but his water spells do no friendly fire whatsoever, so I'd also like him to be knocking those around, so I ended up having to do a lot more editing than I'd like.
  8. Yeah, this. I'm happy about the feature to be able to hide one's hat, and will probably use it. I tend to do so sometimes. But i still understand completely Gizmo's point. I noticed the same kind of things regarding complete different features of Pillars. There are many like this (Infinite Stash is the first coming to mind since everything Gizmo said could apply to it as well). These are what i call the "quality of life improvements", which are really just "let's cater to people's laziness". I probably would not be able to explain it myself, especially since i'm not fluent with english. But i would say this. We did not went from Fallout 1 to Fallout 4 without a slow evolution regarding what is considered as a "good" feature. To me, all the "good" features of Fallout 4 are pretty nasty. Things are evolving on a slippery slope in game design. I personally would have hoped niche games like Iso RPGs to be spared from these tendencies. But still, again, i like the option to be able to hide a hat :D Really hope i won't need it with Pillars 2, though. While i can't really relate to explanations of the likes "It's game man, it's fantasy". It's lazy. It's comparable to "It makes me lose time and it's pointless", "it makes me click 3 times while it could be automatic", or "it forced me to backtrack since i couldn't allow myself to lower the difficulty level". Kind of. That's pretty much the reason we have a nice, convenient, auto heal feature in Pillars 2. You're welcome to assign some kind of greater value to yourself just because you want to do pointless busywork and call it "difficulty." But I'm also welcome to think it's really weird to assign some kind of moral value to pointless busywork and other things that just don't matter. It's not even difficult! Without an infinite stash, the only difficulty is how many times you are willing to walk from one place to another while carrying stuff for a gain of money/stuff that does not exist because it is in a video game. That is busywork, not difficulty. Same with being able to change your party in more places than just the boat. The only "difficulty" there is walking to the boat when you've forgotten someone you needed for a sidequest. You are getting a worksheet from your teacher that doesn't teach you anything but does keep your hands busy for long enough for her to catch a breath. And for some reason, you're really proud of the A you got on it. PS: There were decades between Fallout 2 and the other Fallouts. That is not a "slippery slope" or a "slow evolution." They were also made by an entirely different group of people from the ones who made the first games. The first games were not first person shooters while the newer games basically are. Nothing about that change has anything to do with anything.
  9. Of course I'm not. I don't think so; other than to take it off. *On a technical point it might even be an exploit that allows them to store it outside of inventory. That's the problem I mentioned above. I don't care how other people play their games, I care how the game are designed (to suit, so to speak), and that can be influenced by how other people play their games. Since when does an exampled parallel have to match something verbatim, in order to impart the gist of the concept? The salient point was a lack of coping mechanism. I am not convinced. I believe that it is at least in part, a symptom of fostering empowerment fantasy along with the ability to refuse or refute the imposed reality if they don't like it—albeit only in the game. I do see it as a kind of cheating to brazenly accept the benefits of [worn] equipment (in this case) without enduring the associated/or imposed cost of wearing it——which includes having to look at it, and could even be that it makes the PC look ridiculous (by design). The point being that if one chooses not to accept the associated cost of a thing, then one should not be allowed to accept the benefits of it; and that applies beyond playing video games. (IE. if one chooses to wear a "Shimmering Dunce Hat of Invulnerability", then one should not get to hide that fact—not even from themselves, and yet remain invulnerable by it.) **And this is the end of my posts on this...(because more would just be reiterating it.) —But someone can make a dedicated thread topic, and invite continuation. Enjoy feeling superior about hat hiding, I guess. I'll just hide hats I want to hide without weird moral equivalences, thanks.
  10. Not to troll players; to imply that the (in-game) creators of those items made them to be very obvious and non secret of their effects... or because it was the style of the past age, or even because the creator was a bit of a madman, etc... These are strange and unusual items. **It is not a problem to have a magical helmet be —magically invisible, as one of its features; but it should be one of its features—not a UI preference. One such purpose is that if let pass uncommented, it might detrimentally influence popular game design—and that affects everyone's experience (for both single and multiplayer). That's a derisive take on it. In context it actually meant developing a similar opinion about others, and in dealing with conventional situations; and a lack of coping with things when they are beyond one's control—or perhaps even over exercising control when one has it. Case in point: You're not my mother trying to instill in me some sort of moral, we are people on the internet looking at a forum for a video game. It's perfectly reasonable to want to be able to hide a hat. It's a fairly normal thing to do in games. Many games have hat hiding. Including THIS game! And you don't have to use it at all. It does not affect you in any way if you don't hide any hats. You're trying to control how other people play a video game for a weird moral reason that doesn't make sense, and your example is a spoiled rich kid who has probably never played a video game in which you can hide a hat. I don't understand why you care so much. PS: MMOs aren't toxic because you can dress up paper dolls. They are toxic because it's a lot of people put together with limited ability to control toxicity.
  11. It fosters a nasty precedent that I suspect pours over into real life eventually. It is that it even occurs to the person to expect such a thing. To rationalize having —even full plated armor protection— while preferring to wear a robe (or even nothing at all). I'm fine with a hide the helmet button being in any game, but ~IMO~ if used, the PC should be vulnerable to headshots, and critical hits, because they are not wearing the helmet. I'm sure that in real life, when I am getting into sword fights with my mind magic while reading people's souls, I will be able to understand if I am wearing a helmet or not. There's no need to rationalize it because it doesn't matter. None of it matters! It's a game! Games are for fun and play. Being able to hide a hat is harmless.
  12. Because the hat has bonus stats? Wait... you mean..?.. nah... Do you mean —KEEP the bonus stats afforded only by wearing (possibly garish, and uncomfortable) equipment that is worth wearing for the bonus it provides—but not wear it? That kind of thing? Like expecting to enjoy the protection or benefit, and somehow avoid the inconvenience, or silly appearance of it? Ah, I bet some people wish they could do that with shoes; shoes that look amazing but hurt like hell. To enjoy the envy of others, without suffering the cost of it. It's the old 'Have one's cake and eat it too'. It's a servile shame that some developers allow that kind of thing. What's with people in this forum acting like there's some kind of moral superiority involved in preference in video games? Chill out, man. It's harmless. Let them hide the hat they don't like and get the bonuses. I've done it before just because something about the hat made me take a second longer to see who I'm looking at in a fight without pausing.
  13. Well, after a few more shots, I think I have something relatively workable:
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