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  1. I found this great image he has this whole bad boy look going on. It would be wonderful if one of you talented guys could watercolor it for me https://imgur.com/a/S7PHOyy
  2. Nice find. I don't have the time to take a crack at it myself (and I'd probably botch it) so let's hope someone feels inspired by this pic. The image looks quite nice until I resize it to 90:141 and 76:96, it almost looks... blurry. Anyone know if that's avoidable? using GIMP Thanks a lot buddy looks great.
  3. I found a great image for a pale elf i think its prince nuada from hellboy id really appreciate if someone can make it into a watercolor. Cheers. https://imgur.com/a/S7PHOyy
  4. Was trying to make a pale elf barbarian couldnt find a good portrait for him, anyway i found this picture online if one of you talanted people could watercolour it i would highly appreciate thanks a lot. https://imgur.com/gallery/S7PHOyy
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