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I'm confused. What is unavailable outside of lvl up screen: skill lists or ability trees?AFAIK there are no skill trees in this game.

The level up screen where you can see all skills available to your class with their required power level. It would be nice to be able to take a look at your skills at any time - I picked a lot of redundant buffs because of not remembering what skill exactly can another party member can pick later down the line.

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I really wish you could view mage's grimoires when in the level up screen.


Was just going to mention this. I have Fassina in my team and I don't really want to change her grimoire because she can use most of the spells in the one she has. And everytime I level her up I forget to check which spells are in her grimoire... :facepalm:

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Another big change that would be nice is to see the party assist bonus at any time. Because last time I checked, the only time you could see the party assist bonus was during level up and if you checked the tooltip during a scripted event.

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