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  1. Also for Aloth, Eder and Pallegina, they haven't seen each other in years. The years can too easily wear on a person and change them. That's something else to consider, PoE2 takes place several YEARS after PoE. Which means events that took place between the two games will have enacted some changes in the returning characters.
  2. Boeroer, ironically your idea about armor should have an negative impact on Stride and Deflection is almost like what DnD does. Heavier armors reduce your movement speed and also caps how much Dexterity can improve your Armor Class. So its not like the idea is a foreign one, if the grand daddy of RPGs does it .... Of course I'd like it if we could actually SEE what our Stride was to begin with.
  3. The problem with per rest abilities is actually rather simple. Access to "powers" affects the "staying power" of a character, and thus affects the group. If your powers come from building resources and spending them, you have massive amounts of staying power. The need to rest, on your own is usually dictated by injuries and health. If your powers come from a set amount per encounter, whether a per level or total pool, you likewise have a lot of staying power. The need to rest is pretty much dictated by injuries and health. If your powers come from per rest, then you suck once you run out of powers. You're dead weight until the group stops to REST. And nobody likes to be held back by "the load". Every class should have some means to be useful, all the time. A class that is exclusively Per Rest will eventually become The Load if you don't Rest regularly. And if you have restrictions on the ability to Rest (whether its resources, being ambushed, or simply an actual time limit to the game), then any group with such Classes will hold the player back and create frustrations. Which is why, though it is more complex what you need is for every class to have a MIXTURE of abilities, with most being either via Resource Generation, a static "pool" of points, or Per Encounter and a small number of "Big Gun" abilities being Per Rest. That way Resting is important for Everyone and every Class can remain useful even if they've expended their Per Rest powers.
  4. Another big change that would be nice is to see the party assist bonus at any time. Because last time I checked, the only time you could see the party assist bonus was during level up and if you checked the tooltip during a scripted event.
  5. Shadowstrider, thanks for the well written explanation for how to make simple changes like that to a weapon. As I had considered how to do that myself. I mean, I love the visuals of some weapons but am rather meh about their stats. It's the whole squished format that makes trying to FIND the start and end of an "object" so painful at times.
  6. The problem with increasing level is that it also affects DEFENSES and ACCURACY.
  7. You can also do a blanket adjustment by changing the HP scaling for each difficulty mode. That is in the globals.gamedatabundle file.
  8. It's an easy edit. Confirmed the file just now. It's in the global.gamedatabundle file BaseQuickbarSize: 4 by default, maximum of 6. BaseWeaponSets: 2 by default, maximum of 4. is what to search for.
  9. World of Warcraft is a fine (recent) example of toggled abilities in an RPG that provide a passive effect so long as it is active. So yeah, toggled passives (which are quite often either used for switching combat modes) are quite common in RPGs. It's not uncommon to see an RPG where a Warrior can switch between Stances which provide Passive advantages AND disadvantages. Typically said switching has a CD so its not abused.
  10. There is a way to change how many weapon / quick item slots you start with. I'm having to reinstall due to a computer crash so I can't think of the exact file that has to be edited at the moment. Don't quote me, but I believe its the globals file that has the information. But to answer your question, YES, it can be done. Sorry I can't be more help, but after a computer crash, there are slightly more important things to worry about. Driver updates, OS updates, the works.
  11. Pizzashark, your comment about "larger size meaning stronger" has serious issues. I mean, look at Dwarves. Pretty much most games cast them as "durable and strong". They're also much smaller than humans. Large amounts of body mass doesn't mean that you're stronger. With proper training, yes, you could be strong. But size isn't everything. They cast the men as larger than the women. In most cases, men ARE larger than women. Simple biology. I've also personally been thrown (at over six foot plus) by a woman who was maybe five foot four. It's not that she was Strong or that I was weak. She just knew proper leverage and how to use my size against me. IE trained Martial Artist vs John Doe. Knowing HOW to use what muscle you have can go a long way.
  12. Deconstruction of tropes & genres can be great, if done well. Sometimes that means you will have people who behave in ways that you don't "expect" and that you consider "wrong". As has been stated multiple times, the Deadfire Archipegalo is a rough area. It's going to breed people who are tougher and stronger as a result. That is not some fantasy mindset, that's reality. Your environment will color your personality given enough time.
  13. I stand corrected. I was looking through the global file and when I saw this thread I remembered seeing those numbers so I went and double checked. Perhaps difficulty modifies the base numbers for traps? Don't know what to tell you there.
  14. Oh, maximum skill needed. Pulled from the global.gamedatabundle file. Disarm Traps: Mechanics 12 Detect Traps: Perception 19
  15. Wish I could remember where I found this. But here's the conversion of Total Party Skill Points to how much of an Assist they give. Skill Points (1): +1 Assist Skill Points (2): +2 Assist Skill Points (4): +3 Assist Skill Points (7): +4 Assist Skill Points (11): +5 Assist Skill Points (16): +6 Assist Skill Points (22): +7 Assist Skill Points (29): +8 Assist Party Assist excludes the person using the skill. So everyone with a +2 Mechanics would be Skill Points 8 (which is higher than 7 but lower than 11) for a total Assist bonus of +4
  16. I've only found a handful of unique weapons that have non-standard stats. The ones that DO accomplish it via special built in enchantments. So you may want to check enchantments (not sure what filename those are stored under off hand) and see if that helps.
  17. It's a bloody mess because of how the various parts go together. Keywords is what makes it messy of course. Elements and Fire are completely different for purposes of Talents. And yes, the wording was awkward. But that happens in any game with multi-class options. It's like explaining how FEATS in dnd 5e work. It's Not Simple.
  18. Boeroer, the tooltip on Fury specifies the Penetration is for Druid Elemental Spells. So if the FURY Elemental Bonus is applying to other classes, like the Paladins FoD then it is definitely not intended. Just loaded up my Fury / Wizard (trying different builds) to confirm that. Druid Elements spells list the +1 Fury under Penetration. Wizard Elemental spells do NOT list the +1 Fury for Penetration. Of note is the fact that Druid spells have the Elements keyword, while Wizard spells do NOT. WIZARD: Chain Lightning (Electricity, Evocation) DRUID: Dancing Bolts (Elements, Electricity) Clicked on Fury on the character sheet and it says ... +20% Range with Druid Element Spells, +1 Penetration with Druid Elements spells. Elemental druid spells gain increased range and penetration (along with all the rest that it says). So yeah, FoD should NOT be benefiting from Fury Druid.
  19. EA and other money grubbing companies have made DLC into something negative and nasty. Horse Armor DLC ring a bell? Me? I look at the content of the DLC as well as the price. If the content is worth the price, then I'll call it good and buy it (if its DLC that I'm interested of course).
  20. Sharp, I knew the talents would be a damage loss, but dead character does no damage after all. It's also something you can get relatively early in the game (well if you have the money of course), and it comes from a store.
  21. The DLC are also "new" areas being added to the game. The story is complete. It's not like a Chapter 1-17 with a cliffhanger that requires the DLC(Chapter 18-20) to finish the story.
  22. I just discovered something to consider for your build. There is a shield you can get in the main town. Tuotilo's Palm. It's a Small Shield, so no Accuracy penalty. It's BUILT for Monks (it has ways to GIVE you Wounds). Now, here's the nasty thing about it. It is treated as both a Shield (Weapon & Shield Style) AND an Off Hand (so you can take Two Weapon Style). It does Crush damage. Figured I'd mention it in case you hadn't discovered it. Also, one of the upgrades on the Shield is called Pugilist (which improves Unarmed damage). Pugilist also improves the damage the Shield does. I haven't tested it on an actual Monk to see if the Pugilist applies to your main hand (if you're unarmed) as well. Yes, its two slots dedicated to the Shield, but it may be worth considering. Especially since you can also use the Small Shield modal if need be.
  23. Iymurra, entirely possible. The numbers and names I listed were just "datamined" via console. The secondary "xoti's sickle" was listed as Hatchet_U_EothasFarmer_Sickle. It didn't have any special abilities however. But considering her Sickle is unique, it would make sense they'd create a 'normal' version for her weapon for purposes of the spiritual weapon spell. Since her Spiritual Weapon (if you take the spell of course) is a sickle & lantern. Senenleigh, there are 2 Unique Rapiers. See my post back on page 2. Sorry, I don't know the locations, I was just providing the numbers since the topic was about distribution of the weapon types.
  24. Sotnik, that's akin to what many MMORPGs use. Which is perfectly fine. Powerful abilities carry a debuff that prevent you from using them again for a certain amount of time. Perhaps limiting the "cannot die" to once per character (per encounter) would go a long way to keeping the ability useful, if limited.
  25. The problem is that they have openly said POTD is not currently balanced. They decided to focus their attention on fixing Bugs first. So a lot of the complaints don't hold as much weight. Once they've balanced POTD, then your views might have some weight. Oh, and it's not "unplayable", POTD just needs balancing (which they are well aware of). And when they do the balancing work on POTD, they'll likely tweak and revise a number of abilities. After all, players are wonderful at finding ways to take two innocent abilities and turn them into an OP Broken Slaughterhouse of a combo.
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