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  1. It really is confusing for me and I would like someone to help me, is it true that "might" is responsible for my weapon damage, including wizard items like staffs and wands, and who is also responsible for healing by druids and priests?
  2. Hello, I am Brazilian and I noticed a serious problem in the translation of the game and I found it better to share, in my language (Portuguese) the definitions of "Might" and "Resolve" are totally different from English. 1- In the English language "might" is used to improve damage and healing and "Resolve" is responsible for decreasing the "hostile effect Duration" when I change the language of the game to the Portuguese it totally changes meaning. 2- In the Portuguese language "might" meaning "For├ža" is responsible for only improving weapon damage, there is nothing about healing, Already
  3. Hello, I would like to know how I can open the skill tree of the characters, I am referring to that screen that appears when you level up with the character and can choose the skill you want to acquire. thank you.
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