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  1. Yeah, real bummer. I was so confidend in my route. Went with Principi first time - I thought no companions leave you if you side with them. Used to be the case at least? Left Dunnage and Pallegina left me. Feels bad man.
  2. I tried to find more topics to AI setups but could‘nt really find anything usefull. When I work with the behaviour editor I can‘t really find some usefull conditinals. Like - switch to weapon set 2 IF no-pen. Or toggle weapon modal on AND off. I found some conditions that should work with shields for example but I can‘t really find anything to toggle it off afterwards. Is there any way to make modals and weapon sets work with the AI and I just didn‘t find the relevant options that work?
  3. Right, forgot the chance was this low. But still, I like this weapon alot. Nice design. Maybe for my dual wield set. Thanks for clarification!
  4. Sorry for digging this up, but I didn't find what I was looking for. About Sun & Moon - does it only work with key-words Frost/Fire? Or every ability that deals this damage type? I'm asking for my Barbarian with Spirit Frenzy and those freezing whirls around you. Could they trigger?
  5. Yeah, I thought just all slots open from the beginning. There is no rush or anything, was just wondering (and I‘m not that buff myself in these kinda things). Would be sweet whenever
  6. Sure, don‘t worry. Would be awesome. I just like having my options all laid out and feats take so long / are really costly at some levels to take. Would be just convient.
  7. Hi there, I'm sorry if there's already a thread about this, I haven't found one. Is it possible to mod extra weapon slots / quick slots for everyone? Unlock all of them from the start? I would have guessed to find a mod about stuff like this really early, but haven't so far.
  8. I have just been through this god awful fight for Sealed Fate with the pirate ambush. Now I'm at -3 reputation with pirates. Was this always this way? Am I missremembering things? Seems huge ._.
  9. I guess I was'nt clear. Yeah, my party is also perma dominated everytime, but I don't even see them cast it. If I jump one, who is clearly doing other ****, my party member gets instantly charmed, everytime. Is it like an aura around them? On hit effect? I don't get it really. Charm and Domination is always really powerful but these buggers don't even need to do anything this time around. It just happens.
  10. Do they spam it? They don't even use it, if I fight them. If Eder jumps them with a Charge he gets instant dominated everytime, while they cast other ****.
  11. This is such an insane improvement over the first game already. Great work so far!
  12. Oh, I thought freedom to roam is more along the lines of Baldurs Gate II, where you could explore most of the world before even doing any needed stuff. We'll see. I agree that sandbox is overdone (for me at least).
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