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  1. Yeah, real bummer. I was so confidend in my route. Went with Principi first time - I thought no companions leave you if you side with them. Used to be the case at least? Left Dunnage and Pallegina left me. Feels bad man.
  2. I tried to find more topics to AI setups but could‘nt really find anything usefull. When I work with the behaviour editor I can‘t really find some usefull conditinals. Like - switch to weapon set 2 IF no-pen. Or toggle weapon modal on AND off. I found some conditions that should work with shields for example but I can‘t really find anything to toggle it off afterwards. Is there any way to make modals and weapon sets work with the AI and I just didn‘t find the relevant options that work?
  3. Right, forgot the chance was this low. But still, I like this weapon alot. Nice design. Maybe for my dual wield set. Thanks for clarification!
  4. Sorry for digging this up, but I didn't find what I was looking for. About Sun & Moon - does it only work with key-words Frost/Fire? Or every ability that deals this damage type? I'm asking for my Barbarian with Spirit Frenzy and those freezing whirls around you. Could they trigger?
  5. Yeah, I thought just all slots open from the beginning. There is no rush or anything, was just wondering (and I‘m not that buff myself in these kinda things). Would be sweet whenever
  6. Sure, don‘t worry. Would be awesome. I just like having my options all laid out and feats take so long / are really costly at some levels to take. Would be just convient.
  7. Hi there, I'm sorry if there's already a thread about this, I haven't found one. Is it possible to mod extra weapon slots / quick slots for everyone? Unlock all of them from the start? I would have guessed to find a mod about stuff like this really early, but haven't so far.
  8. I have just been through this god awful fight for Sealed Fate with the pirate ambush. Now I'm at -3 reputation with pirates. Was this always this way? Am I missremembering things? Seems huge ._.
  9. I guess I was'nt clear. Yeah, my party is also perma dominated everytime, but I don't even see them cast it. If I jump one, who is clearly doing other ****, my party member gets instantly charmed, everytime. Is it like an aura around them? On hit effect? I don't get it really. Charm and Domination is always really powerful but these buggers don't even need to do anything this time around. It just happens.
  10. Do they spam it? They don't even use it, if I fight them. If Eder jumps them with a Charge he gets instant dominated everytime, while they cast other ****.
  11. This is such an insane improvement over the first game already. Great work so far!
  12. Oh, I thought freedom to roam is more along the lines of Baldurs Gate II, where you could explore most of the world before even doing any needed stuff. We'll see. I agree that sandbox is overdone (for me at least).
  13. I'm not sure where these statistics always come from. What are considerably numbers for people who like or dislike that ****. Where are these coming from? I don't even know how many like it. Anyways, **** got real in this thread. I haven't really seen much: "oh well, we just want some civil discussion and look at problems we have and express how we feel about them and make devs notice our concerns". More: well, this isn't DnD, which is gold, and thus it's obviously **** and who can't see this is **** and stupid. Which is ludicrous, of course. And then next point is: we are an army btw and have significant impact on sales, so better listen! These other guys would be happy with anything anyways! Sure, that's my reading so far, doesn't have to be 100% accurate. I'm all for exchanging ideas, voicing concerns and debating how these come to pass. But not in the so long displayed manner of: well, Might isn't Strengths so it's objectively bad. Maybe there is a problem with having physical and mental attack powers tied to one attribute. But then just show and tell how and why. And next: is this really a problem. In case of might I can't see it. Seems more like writing and semantics so far. But I guess I can understand that it's just weird or uncomfortable for some. On the other hand, other settings have roundhouse kicking Wizards too. Doesn't seem to be a universal problem at least. For all I care we can have 20 attributes if it has real merit and improves mechanics and immersion. But I somehow doubt it. Then again, maybe I'm watching too much anime where magical and physical prowess seems to be linked all the ****ing time, so I don't even care about this **** anymore.
  14. The lack of imagination and stubbornness in this thread alone is astounding. And sad.
  15. I really couldn't stand the amount of grammar, comma and das / dass errors that occured in the German translation, even modded. I guess commas are a bitch for most people, but German and English don't use quite the same ruleset.
  16. I can't say I agree at all. First of: I think skills are rather a symptom of DnD stats beging garbage in some departments and a lousy attempt at a solution for their glaring weaknesses. I like having skills, but them being tied to certain attributes doesn't have that much of an impact with some, makes them even obsolete. Why invest in attributes if I can just skill it. How does a team based game constitute for dumpstats - that don't have or should exist at all, if you ask me. As long as different classes do different things with them, utilize them in interesting, unique ways, I see no problem. And just because a stat isn't a dump stat, doesn't mean I have to specialize in it. I can just take my companions in different ways. Why do I want a team of specialists? That depends entirely on the campaign, setting, set of characters, challenges, playstyle etc. You can achieve a well rounded group a number of ways, not only by your black-white approach. I don't know what you did with your runs - I for one could finally take points in a leader stat as a tank and frontliner. Because it IS useful, even if you have a face already. I agree that stat requirements enforce value on them. But I can't say thats always a good thing. Well, Charisma is a useless stat? But you have to take it, if you want ... er ... well this feat we just invented! See how useful charisma is, guys? It is simple gating of content. Nothing magical or clever or even well thought out. I think of it as lazy. Where you see the solutions, I see problems. This whole post is just ... I feel it's just wrong. There is WAY more wiggle room in Pillars with your "undesired" stats than in most DnD, if we talk strictly stats. If you only think there are two worthwhile stats I pity your lack of imagination. A lot of people had fun with different approaches and different play styles that are possible. What I can give you is: there is room for improvement, there has to be change. But that doesn't take away from a spark of greatness, when I see it. I don't see many people claiming Pillars was better. But it's different, it's another take on the core ideas and ideals, another spin, fresh wind. I don't want that cookie cutter DnD stuff in this crowd funded project. And if you want it, I guess you should donate to another cause. I think Pillars would lose a lot of interesting direction that is worth exploring if we just jam it into the "old and known, never change anything, 'cause it's perfect" shoes. And no, I have 15 years of DnD under my belt. You can leave your assumptions at home, where they belong. You first talk about "you want specialists" and than go into detail of the wisdom fighter. Leave that to the druid then, eh? ^^ Thing is: handle animal? Just boost INT, more beneficial than this "good use of charisma". Why not dump Wisdom? I just take "insert OP prestige class out of extra book Y for 59.99" that has high will saves. Honestly, dumping stats, even in table top, is so easy with DnD, it isn't even funny.
  17. Why. Just why ^^ Wizards have about as many attributes to focus on as anyone else. Just depends on the style of wizard you wanna play. D&D Strength isn't the holy grail, stop pretending it was, is or ever will be. It's actually garbage and just as mislead as dexterity for a lot of weapons and styles and how they actually work. Dex is already a very strong attribute and would be just as overblown as in DnD with that change. I really appreciated their take on that, not to have it improve like 50 statistics but be a clear important and already streamlined stat. If we take defense out of Resolution it becomes the good old Charisma. AKA useless **** dumpstat no one ever cares about but feels good about having raised it because it's cool and edgy to raise useless stats and not be that power gamer. Nah, no thanks. Resolution is actually what I always wanted out of a leader stat. EDIT: Don't get me wrong: Pillars stats aren't the holy grail either. I'm not saying you can't improve upon those core ideas. Give Resolution DR ignore, give Endurance some DR - you can play with those statistics and get some better results for other builds and so on. But not by stripping good footing of its identity for no good reason other than: well it's then like that bad stat in that other game I know and I want what I know!
  18. I'm really not buying how Pillars stats made the whole stat-concept worse. It's different and a breath of fresh air - I really needed that one. It's familiar enough to get into, but different enough it's not boring (for me). My grief with D&D (3.5 or a bit Pathfinder) is that some stats just don't do jack **** for my class. At all. And these systems fix that by introducing perks or talents so you have some reason to invest into another stat. Doesn't change that the stat in of itself is of no value before that. Sure, maybe that makes no difference for some people, but it does for me, a great deal in fact. Having at least the feeling that every stat will define my character, give him more punch in one or another category feels rewarding for thinking about my character - who isn't just a planned that cookie cutter thing. I need different books, prestige classes, more talents here, more perks there before some of my ideas can even be realized in old school D&D, because there is a lack in some regards. And it's in the system itself, tried to be fixed over and over (and money being made). Pillars isn't perfect in that regard, not yet. But I see promise. Of course if I'm min-maxing my character I will always dump a few stats to a certain degree, but I feel the impact it makes. Really, I never felt any impact in D&D, Pathfinder, whatever for that. No tradeoff. I'm just plain better. I don't really see the problem with Might? It's not Strength as far as I see it. Makes more sense as a mix stat out of training, SOUL strength (yeah, that's a thing and has impact on different scale - how is it surprising a Wizard who strengthens and trains his soul power, that allow for magic to begin with, will have high Might?). Feels more like a roll in from different kind of explanations what stats are. I see some Charisma in that. Strong personality that can shape the persons and world around them. And that's how I feel about every stat in Pillars. Perception isn't plain Wisdom like: I'm an old fart and now stuff because I'm old and fart. It's more awareness of one's surroundings, little reactions of people. Makes perfect sense to have impact in combat. An INT fighter just knows how to use his abilities to best effect, hence his Knock Down lasts longer. He doesn't have to study years in an old tower for that or be a master tactician or take stupid talents, because it's otherwise useless. For me that feels more alive. Because all of these things do matter in combat and life (if you want a well rounded life that is).
  19. Can't say I agree. D&D stats are really one dimensional and boring for the most part. Sure, you can build a dex fighter and ****, but that just shifts your focus from STR to DEX. So what. I like that every stat does something in Pillars. Sure, it can always benefit from some tweaking, but I don't feel like: "Well, I don't need wisdom or charisma at all. Dump that ****." Furthermore having saves tied to two stats is really smart, I think. It really always felt kind of OP that some stats had so much impact (like dex), while others did nothing (yeah, face of the party but no impact on anything relevant at all ...). Dunno what kind of MMOs you played, but what's different from a max DEX WoW Hunter to a max DEX bowman in D&D style systems. Having to worry only about like two stats and no real drawback for it ... is boring. Same goes for stat requirements in terms of talents. Well, this stat is ****? Guess we have to make it artificially important because this talents needs it! Deal with it. Meh. Don't get me wrong, I played a lot of DnD or DnD style systems. But after some time you figure out the hard numbers you need and the rest becomes irrelevant.
  20. I really enjoyed it. Even if PoE isn't perfect, you can certainly see und feel the work, sweat and love that went into it.
  21. I didn't have time beforehand, so I downloaded the beta again today to assist troubleshooting. But it works! For me at least. Fixed?
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