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  1. I don't think they work with spells. And why do you keep talking about Ancestor's Honor? +1 max empower doesn't do anything since you can still only use one per fight and can rest afterwards
  2. I rarely used the other spells outside of Evocation and they could easily be supplemented by another class or other abilities. The other subclasses are garbage
  3. Who asked for this? Who cares a lick about more worthless crew members?
  4. yeah any level 10 build can take the boss with maxed out alchemy or arcana. they are basically godmode. To other people, it's fair game but to me i consider them cheese. That doesn't mean it isn't fun. Heck, even the solo potd build I posted uses maxed out arcana to take advantage of avenging storm. You don't even need a party for the encounters you've posted. They are just all one meteor show/great maelstrom away from dying + withdraw to keep you alive. Or since you are running an alchemy build, Handmortar + stone joint (it's the most op alchemy potion) then use invisibility potion and w
  5. I enabled the Skill Blessing as soon as I could. Nearly all of the checks are meaningless from a gameplay standpoint but just serve to hide away content from the game and needlessly punish your character building decisions, so anything to negate that terrible system I was on like white on rice
  6. Athletics can be covered by a party member and is not used that often, there's the beginning island and like one scripted interaction with a well that required high Athletics. The rest are just to avoid a meaningless injury covered up by the 200 food items you have. Stealth checks are used purely to start overworld engagements in stealth and is not really necessary. For Watcher only checks I would focus on Diplomacy and Intimidate/Buff. There are a lot of Insight checks but they are mostly meaningless exposition text. For party members you want one with a high Survival check for overwo
  7. They should require crafted meals to cure injuries or include actual penalties (-1 Resolve the horror)
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