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Release Time & Steam Preload Confirmed

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For everyone living in the Eastern Time Zone, Deadfire releases at 1 pm for us.

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how does preload work can every one do it ? and does it install the game in full or only part of it?


The game client offers to download an encrypted form of the game, and on release it gets the key to start decoding.


Preload really helps out those with "meh" internet connections, as it gives players all weekend to download the full 35GB game.  If you have a really fast network connection, it sometimes doesn't matter all that much.

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1am on Wednesday here - so I'll be DLing Wednesday morning (internet connection is usually great though - unless gog gets hammered with deadfire downloads).


(Edit: days of the week and their confusing names ... *ahem*)

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Does anyone know whether the in-game manual (or "Digital Guidebook" which is supposed to be included with the Deluxe/Obsidian Edition) will be available at the time of preload, or only at the time of release? It would be nice to have something to read over the weekend and plan some builds while waiting for the release ;)

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Great - got the weekend to download! Hopefully that should be enough... ;(

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