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Backer Beta Update 1: Patch Notes


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So, what happened to the hotly debated big change regarding proficiencies and general talents?

Is that in, or has it been postponed / scraped? I don't see it in the changelog.

Also, is the Devoted Bug fixed that just applied the devoted bonus to all weapons?


Won't be able to look into the beta myself until after work, which is in 10 hours (your update schedules aren't very kind to people in europe...).


Devoted bug is not fixed (annoyingly) and general talents remain unchanged. Although I think a couple of abilities have been added, like the rogue's smoke bomb. (Or was that there before? I forget.)


I really appreciate that the shop now sells all weapons and armour. Makes it easier to create a full party. 



Smoke Cloud was there before, but Smoke Veil wasn't. Looks really good:


- 5 seconds invisible / untargetable

- 2nd tier ability, so it can be used by multiclass characters in the beta without the console cheat

- doesn't force you to choose Shadowing Beyond rather than Shadow Step if you want to use stealth/backstab more than once/combat


Very much looking forward to testing this....

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All versions are live as of this morning,


Backer Beta Builds where and when?

Mac: Steam and GoG are live now

Win: Steam and GoG are live now

Linux: Steam and GoG are live now


I got your backs

- SKing

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When are the new portraits going to be added to PoE?

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Had a quick look on my dad’s computer. I was honestly disappointed that summoned weapons still have a 6s casting time. Until they are made fast cast, they’ll remain entirely worthless.


Pretty great not to have the flickering UI issue anymore though :)


Agreed on both.


Honestly the flickering was so incredibly annoying (and functionally too, I could never tell at a glance how much health anyone had or even what abilities) that the last time I tried playing a week ago I basically ragequit and put the Beta aside.


But I played a bunch tonight and it's totally fixed, and the game feels great to play now! I've also been replaying Pillars 1 recently and its really made clear how much all the subtle new visual additions add to the game. Great work Obsidian, it looks fantastic.

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Players have noted the following over the past few years:

  1. If you're a caster, there's often not much reason to invest in Resolve (especially in Deadfire).
  2. From a *~ roleplaying ~* perspective, it feels weird to have muscley wizards casting high damage fireballs because they can bench 350 lbs.

So we are making these changes for the next Backer Beta build:

  • Strength - All Weapon Damage, Fortitude Defense
  • Resolve - All Healing, All Spell Damage, Deflection Defense, Will Defense


To my opinion, that is because many players equal "Might" with "(Physical) Strength". And apparently, as has been pointed out, PoE1 uses that same interpretation in some interactions.


"Might" could have just been some abstract measure of "Power", whether actual muscle power or arcane power. And I think that was how it was originally intended to be interpreted.


If this was a new game, I'd be a fine either way. But it's a sequel. I must admit I am not too fond of too many changes of core mechanics in a sequel.


Furthermore I believe, at least to my knowledge, there is no consent in the Pillars community on this change, is there? Nor is there a consent on the change of the health system. Those are vigorously debated topics, are they not? Some of the major changes of the core mechanics feel like some of the players will be presented with a fait accompli.


You justify your changes by saying "Players have noted". For every such player that supports that change you may as well find a player who does not support it. The community seems to be split on some major changes. In such a case I would actually decide in favor of consistency with the first game.


That said, I don't want to end this post on a negative note. I love you guys. :wub: I'm pretty sure I am going to enjoy Deadfire. I have supported you and I will continue to do so independently of these changes. And I wish you all a happy new year :)

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In your post, you say that the Mac build is available - but on GOG Galaxy it doesn't appear on my Mac list, and under All Games it comes up as Not Compatible.


Is there indeed a Mac beta available to backers?


I believe it will not appear on the Mac list until you opt in to the beta channel on Galaxy. Please check out the instructions in the original post (https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/94318-welcome-to-the-deadfire-backer-beta/) for getting the channel added, then it  should work on Mac.


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