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Pause mode toggle, please?

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Pillars of Eternity engine has great auto-pause settings. They allow you to play the game as a turn-based game or a WEGO game. This is simply magnificent.


There is just one thing missing - pause mode toggle.


The problem is that these auto-pause options, while very useful, become annoying near the end of the battle when you just want to leave your fighters to finish the enemies on auto attack. This can also be true for the entire duration of the easier battles.


I would want to have a hotkey to turn off the auto pausing in these cases.


Pause mode needs to be automatically active at the start of each battle until the player decides it can be safely turned off.


This would be a great blend between turn-based and realtime, don't you think?

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That's a great idea. I would also like to see 'pause after using ability' include instant and modal abilities. I found I have to manually pause after some of these in Pillars. For example using disciplined barrage on Eder he would activate the ability then instantly autoattack an enemy in range unless his AI is completely turned off, which would waste frames if I wanted him to use Knock Down instead of a basic attack as his first time-consuming action.


Edit: It would also be neat if there was an auto-pause option for when you have reached a certain treshold of your class resources, such as focus for the Cipher or wounds for the Monk. Maybe harder to design, would have to be a bit more fluid but if they're all clearly delineated in cost similar to focus then you could choose "pause at (x) level class resource ready". It would require a drop-down menu though for that item or a somewhere to input a value.

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