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You can respec at inns.

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There is one :)

3/18/18/18/3/18 cipher. No matter how you try, it not gonna work)

He can tank. Hatchet, Large Shield, W&S style, Plate Armor and potions of Infuse Vital Essence. Blunting Belt, Rings of Deflection and Protection. Lots of options....Would suck for solo though...

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No matter which fork in the road you take I am certain adventure awaits.

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You got me ;)


The thing is that such a character still takes a slot. A slot were we could take someone who would tank as good if not better, while also providing damage, crowd-control, healing and/or cleansing.


An optimal party virtually has twice more niches/roles filled compared to the one consisting of "bad" builds)

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