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I am very disappointed to hear the party will be reduced to five.

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With lesser number of enemies in encounters, it also means inflated defense and HP on enemies.


How does it follow that encounters having fewer enemies necessitates enemies having more health?




Necessitate, no, often leads to that anyway, yes.



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I think the difference is that 90% or so of fights in the IE games can be won with nothing more than haste



Yeah especially old BG1 or IWD1 version of haste = diablo



That's not fair; in Diablo, you have to click more than once on most enemies.



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I'm currently replaying PoE, and I have to agree with the assessment that the ****ton of active skills (including items) requires quite a lot to remember. Having one less party member would alleviate that. I'm not sure if that's necessary for me personally, though. I don't really have a problem if I forget using my figurines for a fight or two.


To be honest, my favourite party size would be (number of available companions) + 1. I'm sure five will be fine, though.

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