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  1. I was very happy with the first PoE physical game so I backed the second, I didnt know I was getting a bait and switch. I got my physical copy today and opened it up. Theres no disc, no manual, just a thank you piece of paper and a card with a download code on it. This certainly wasnt stated on the rewards page and this is very deceptive. I will not be purchasing a game from you again. 70 bucks for a useless piece of plastic holding another useless piece of plastic. Keep your code too, I wont be using it.
  2. I think a lot of you guys are lying to yourselves about playing woman, if they were ugly you wouldnt be playing them. More importantly developers believe you wouldnt be playing their games if their women were ugly.
  3. for a third person action game I like to play a good looking woman, first person and RPG I play a man. For a full party I like half and half, usually restricting woman to the druid/thief/cleric/sorceress/bard roles.
  4. Been watching too much Law and Order Criminal Intent. Its a gulity pleasure. I even had a dream about Catherine Erbe the other night. Also some of the commercials on TV are stranger than fiction. The first one that comes to mind is the lawsuits for people who gambled away thier home while taking Abilify. Absurdly specific stuff for pseudo sciences like psychology and gambling addiction.
  5. Started a new Darklands campaign, my first playthrough was stopped last summer after health problems. At one point I had learned a saint prayer that let me talk to animals. I had heard rumors of a coven of witches in a general area, so I went looking and came across a place that had some altar or something. A rabbit was there and I prayed to this saint and the rabbit told me a group of witches had gathered there and agreed to meet again in three months in a place on the other side of Greater Germany. Theres a lot of neat text encounter like this. The combat is nice too, not too complex but the basic mechanics of penetration vs armor alongside an endurance bar is refreshing and logical. Which might sound like D and D but Darklands has three rolls > To Hit, Penetration, Damage. So A guy in plate armor is a true terror and without the proper weapons the best anyone can do to them is tire them out.
  6. Ostrander was my writing teacher in the early 2000's, unfortunately he was not a miracle worker. Imagine if our Puritan ancestors met the average modern American. The inquisition gets a worse rap than they deserved, mainly due to Protestant propaganda that was generally accepted until the 20th century. Im playing Darklands right now and it does a great job of mixing the realities of history with superstition, which was very much real to many of these people. I often chuckle when I see modern views of reality that people are so sure of, one day our decedents will look on our views and society they same way we look at our ancestors.
  7. Give it a couple months, GoG and Steam both usually have Autumn sales that include most games. Steam skips Autumn sales a few times the last few years but GoG has been doing a huge sale for every season the last couple of years.
  8. Ah , The scourge of Christendom. Would love to see anything concerning Europe between 1000-1650. The history between them and the Knights Hospitallers is great. Anyone like military sci fi? I think the Honor Harrington universe would make a good setting for a tactical space fleet game. The writer did a good job imagining a future where ships of the line fight in space. It might be even better as a strategy game since his 'rules' for space travel were interesting and took a lot of foresight.
  9. If youre a Globalist I imagine it is complicated. How to do you deal with a religion that is antithetical to everything you believe? Its also ironic that Globalism is the primary cause of these terror attacks. Limit the number of immigrants accepted from Muslim countries would be a good long term strategy. I like Chinas subsidy for Muslims who marry non Muslims too, though that should only be used in extreme circumstances.
  10. Uh huh. It used to be that Catholics weren't tolerated in England because of their implicit allegiance to the Pope, who was a foreign head of state, and this conflicted with classical liberal notions that prescribed that toleration be predicated on submission to the local magistrate in all matters non-religious. Somehow, Catholics live just fine in England nowadays, and nobody has "betrayed their beliefs". The "render unto caesar" bit is no doubt a useful modern interpretation of a possibly apocryphal anecdote about a guy who may or may not have existed more than 2,000 years ago, so Catholics can be convinced that fire and brimstone isn't necessarily what awaits them if they accept that someone other than the Pope can give them a ticket for jaywalking. Of course, it's completely impossible to fashion a similar loophole within all of Islam because... reasons. But please please, tell me more about how XYZ will "never be". OK, in twenty years you can tell me how that works out. The West could appease them but this never works. Oh dear, I said 'never' again...
  11. 40 hours into Realms of Arkania II and I decide to install the first game in the trilogy and play the whole thing back to back. Playing the first one now there are already things I like and dislike more than part two and wish I could take the best aspects of both games and combine them.
  12. D&D sale on GOG. Picked up Ravenloft and Krynn.
  13. Funny that, considering that we've owned territory in the Maghreb for more than a century and have had exactly zero problems with Islam itself (mind, Morocco's king is a reactionary ****, but his ambitions are territorial rather than religious or cultural) until Dubya & friends started turning the ME into a shooting range and Terrorists-R-Us franchises started popping up like mushrooms. Funny, too, considering that we've had way more deaths from separatist Basque terrorism than from jihadis, so I guess Basques and Spaniards have never and will never be able to coexist. Or something along those lines. But hey, don't let me get in the way of your grandstanding... Is there a point in there somewhere? Western society is based off a separation between church and state, which is based off Jesus' teaching about giving unto Ceasar what is Caesars. Islam for better or worse does not have that distinction. My statement is a simple statement of fact, one side or the other has to betray their beliefs in order to co exist under the same government.
  14. Im curious why you like the new one more? I picked it up for my PS3 but havent gotten around to playing it yet. the original I have fond memories of playing as a child.
  15. Islam and Western values have never, and will never be able to co exist, Spaniards should understand this better than anyone.
  16. I dont know much about it but they remade the first game four or five years ago and I believe they just released part two. I might check out the second one, theyre supposed to have fixed a lot of the first games problems and it does look quite a bit better. Honestly though, Im in love with the original game graphics, illustrator dont really draw that way anymore and I rather like that older style.
  17. Realms of Arkania II Star Trail. Its really good, but for the first 20 hours I had to play with the manual next to me. I even color coded the spells to make referencing what spells do faster.
  18. I find myself often pining for the older days of RPGs when they didnt take themselves so seriously, it will come back around one day. My biggest disappointment with Pillars was the serious tone of the story, but thats prevalent in all forms of modern entertainment.
  19. Start removing statues of Confederate generals and this is what happens. The liberals in the south have done nothing but grow and enpower these hate groups. where they were once a small minority they now have a legitimate argument that they can now mix with their regular ignorant crap. Next the liberals will want to remove George Washington from Mount Rushmore for having slaves. Well at least here in Texas no ones trying to rip down statues of our great leaders.
  20. Did anyone ever figure out what the first question was? I read Destructiod till they start preaching politics, same for RPS and Polygon at different times. Then I realized most people are fools and I want no contact with their diseased, degenerate world view. I imagine I would fit right in at the codex.
  21. I never even knew DS3 could be used on PC lol Yup. Pretty easy to set up. It probably does not work out of the box for 100% of PC games, but it works flawlessly for all my PC gaming needs. Im guessing you have to hook up the DS USB wire to your computer?
  22. I like that controller a lot. I have a wired 360 controller for controller supported games and a Steam controller for RPGs and all my older games. If I could change one thing about the Steam controller it would be to either move the 4 buttons or the hepatic pad to the left side of the controller, preferably the buttons as I use the analog sometimes. But I always use the buttons and the hepatic pad so them being on the same side is not optimal. I hardly ever use the left pad, its a bit of a waste imo.
  23. Finished Dark Sun: Shattered Lands. The game was a fun little ride with a nice balance between fighting and exploration. The game was short for RPG standards with me finishing the game at 23 hours. What I liked most was the world I think, I was always interested in what was going on in the next map. With the game being as short progression felt fast so there was always a reward for exploration and moving forward. I also switched to hard about 2/3rds the way through and wish I would have switched earlier and recommend hard for anyone that wants a decent challenge. I would love to see this setting in the Temple of Elemental Evil engine, sort of the pinnicle of 2d graphics, would have been great. My Half Giant gladiator and my muscled up chick Fighter/Druid/Preserver should have looked as awesome as they were.
  24. I like big picture mode well enough, and I love my Steam controller. The ease of setting it up for different games is still too complicated, or buggy, I cant tell which.
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