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  1. As title says. I see people talking about it, but don’t know exactly what it is. Not sure how to check if I’ve been affected.
  2. Is there a way to buy a season pass without the extra stuff? Want the season pass but I don't want the extras.
  3. Ok, so I recently picked up and played pillars. I would have backed it when it was new if I had known it existed; reading dev diarys for stellaris and HOI3 on paradox's forums, kept seeing banner ads for something called Tyranny, finally decided to find out what it is. My good fortune. Anyway, played through entire game and white march. Some things aren't clear to me. In white march, I'm not really sure why ondra decided to send the eyeless to kill everyone. In the end of the main game, you find out the gods are created - I assume with the machine - but they actually are real. The end doesn't
  4. So somehow (well considering how much good things you can probably find on kickstarter these days, not that surprising) I missed this when it was new. As I was a big fan when Baldur's Gate was new reading about it now is pretty exciting. However, what's not that exciting is that unlike when it was new, I have less money these days. Because of that, since the game is 2 years old, I'd expect to be able to grab it on sale. I just checked though and it seems to be full price at the moment on steam...would there be a time that it could be expected to go on sale again?
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