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Pictures of your Games Episode VIII The Fast - The Picturesque

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It's interesting how similar Fallout 4's graphics are to Dishonered- the almost painted palette with the dust effects - even though it's 2 different engines.

Dd they ever say they were inspired by Arkane's approach? It certainly seems so.

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Fortune favors the bald.

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*sigh* That brings back memories.


Of when adventure games weren't written by the writing equivalent of the average deviant-art user.

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И погибе Српски кнез Лазаре,
И његова сва изгибе војска, 
Седамдесет и седам иљада;
Све је свето и честито било
И миломе Богу приступачно.


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Nobody say anything, but Drowsy is here, don't spook him!


;) Haven't sen you in ages.



I've been out of gaming for a while. I realized it just wasn't as much fun as it used to be, or rather that the types of games I locked myself into playing were once enjoyable but have become a habit over time.


And I don't have a capable gaming PC anymore, just a decent laptop and a new 2DS. I don't regret the change.

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И погибе Српски кнез Лазаре,
И његова сва изгибе војска, 
Седамдесет и седам иљада;
Све је свето и честито било
И миломе Богу приступачно.


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(bunch of screenshots from the beginning of DDDA, might spoiler the first 10min of the game)


New haircut for NG+, happily living in our little fishing village. Peace! Quiet! Gossip!



Oh dear, there goes the neighbourhood...



I know, let's attack that dragon with this simple steel sword! Someone has gotta be the dumb ass hero!



Well, that didn't end well. Oh well, could hardly get worse than getting knocked on my ass by a dragon, right?



Right...?!?! I mean, not like dragons are vengeful or anything...are they?



I don't think that can be healthy...



't was to be expected that would leave a mark...



Oh yeah, telepathically threatening me now? (also, why am I still walking around? "Brainssss!" and stuff...)



OK, now I'm properly pissed off, this poor Cyclops is gonna get punched 'cause of that!



Oh hi, you're me! Or I am you. Err sort of... -ish (if that doesn't make sense you haven't finished this game ;-))



Woohoo, legion of Pawns to do my bidding! Time to take over teh world!1!1!



Ugh, whoever woke me up with that noise is gonna hear it!



Ugh...giant snake... Where's Indy when you need him?



Wait, two giant snakes...?



Buncha giant snakes sharing a body? Shouldn't have skipped Greek mythology then I might have recognized a Hydra when I saw one...


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Have you considered giving one of those Lad's Got Talent down the road? :)

Oh yeah! One of my sisters got Lad's Got Talent because she did so well as a henchman. I'd rank her right behind the maxed matriarch and maxed purifier making her the third most valuable warrior in the band. In some scenarios, she was the best person I had in the band. Need to do that with a longbowman. Imagine the death he'll rain down!

As a bear in winter, so must I too hibernate soon.

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