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[1.04] Weapon mod stuns don't proc Sneak Attack



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The special enchantment "stunning" on several unique weapons applies an affliction that is not the "normal" stun that you geht from spells vor special attacks. Instead, the enemy gets tagged with "Weapon Name (x sec)", where weapon name may be Mabec's Morning Star and so on. This affliction doesn't trigger sneak effects, it doesn't lower any stats (deflection, reflex and so on) like a proper stun affliction would normally do. That's quite useless. Overbearing weapons on the other hand will cause the normal prone affliction like spells and special attacks do. Why are these two enchantments treated differently? There's a proper stun affliction in the game - why not use it?

In my eyes that's a bug.

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My best guess is this slipped under QA's radar and the devs are unaware.


Now Aarik will see it on Monday and we can hope to see it fixed in 2.04 :)

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Hello everyone. 


Just registered because of this issue. Are there any news on this?

Willl it be fixed in the next patch or is it a design choice to make locking down enemies not quite as easy? Because proper stun debuffs would also make the next stun easier. though one could just enable sneak attack on this without the debuffs....

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