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Shacknews interviews Feargus U. who "hints" at a possible BIG Patch 1.05. KS Backers get early entry to the 2 expansions.

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Balance is more important than new content, cause adding content to an unbalanced game would be a global mess. 

Balance first, then content over a solid, balanced base.


Problem I have with that, is that much of what I'm reading on this forum wrt balance would make the game *worse* imo.

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My wishlist for additions:


More unique status afflictions.  Hobbled, Stuck, Blind, Knocked Down, and Sleep should feel very different.  This might mean adding animations, or it might mean

More unique weapon art.  Also, maybe a return to that steel system that JE Sawyer talked about years ago.

More content in many of the wilderness areas.  Some, like pearlwood bluff, feel empty.

A few (not many) larger wilderness areas.  Some parts of BG1 were huge and had just the right mix of content and exploration.  I'd like to see maybe three or four maps about two and a half times as large as the average outdoor map.

A better stronghold:  Better resting bonuses, more people, and some quests that open up as you upgrade.  Hell, this is the perfect area for separate DLC by itself.

A more transparent stronghold: security vs. prestige is not well explained.

Tone down the level 12 abilities.  The cipher's massive force area is obscenely powerful.

A voiced NPC for every class.

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I'd like unique, skill-enhancing bonuses on unique items, so gameplay can change, something like Diablo III did. It allows for a lot of replayability with the same class and is, well, fun. Stat increases are good, sure, but not as entertaining. Also, give us the choice to start a new game + with all the levels and items and all enemies at lv 13 so we can test everything and feel trully powerful.

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WTF. The option to purchase the expansion is now gone! Oh come on!


I didn't buy it before because I didn't have money. Now that I do, it's gone. :(

Try emailing Obsidian support, they let me purchase it for $20 via PayPal yesterday.

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Meh I don't need those whole "balance" thing. I look for more story and more content. And more levels, maybe for combat lovers it's not good but I don't like my cRPGs after reaching maximum level.

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There is one set of things - bounties - with very high experience rewards.  Leave those aside and there is no issue with experience, period.


No: many (most?) of us who think Hard is waaaaay too easy have not done any bounties.  I haven't done a single one, and I'd like there to be at least some challenge to Hard after the first few character levels.  There isn't right now, because Eder is invulnerable, and the enemy AI is weak.  We're not asking to make Easy/Normal any harder.  I realize there are people who prefer easier game play, and that's fine:  you've got easy and normal modes.  It makes no sense to insist that "Hard" also be an easy mode.  Let those of us who prefer some challenge have Hard and PoD be actually hard and path-of-the-damned.  Stick with easy, if you want an easy play through.  I don't want an impossible time, but I do want challenge and risk when going into dangerous places, and the necessity to use good tactics, spells, and abilities.


I'd be happy with some mid/late enemy balance, probably.  The start of the game is great, as are some boss fights, but if the mid/late game enemies got tweaked so they were actually dangerous to your party, and were a bit smarter, that'd be great.  That's really my only major wish for PoE.  I'm delighted with most other aspects of the game.  I think they've done a fantastic job.  Especially the artwork and overall atmosphere, which is phenomenally awesome.

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A rich new storyline base on the stronghold building system.

Separate the pendant slot and cloak slot.

Add individual sneaking.

Add pickpocketing.

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Since they are talking about 1.05...is 1.04 already in QA?  Any time table for that one or patch notes yet?

Support FAQ says the plan is to release sometime this week. "The week of April 6th" specifically.

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This is a little confusing. It's worded as if all backers were getting the expansion, but it was a separate addon for $20.


Yeah, it sounds a little ambiguous, but the use of the words "anyone from kickstarter who contributed" is meant to specifically refer to those people who chose the expansion as one of their backer rewards.

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Things that I think are nice to have:


  • Better variety of enchanting upgrades. Right now, they are very lackluster. I suspect it was purposely done or gutted to make existing unique items feel more... well, unique. 
  • Story companion stat rebalance. Nothing drastic such as min-maxed, but I expect the stat point distribution to reflect the recommended/highly recommended stats to be reflected in the storyline companions. Feel free to drop a point or two from one stat to pump up a recommended stat.
  • Stronghold needs to be more than just a gold sink. The resting bonuses should all be lumped together in my opinion. The stronghold in its current state feels very empty and boring.
  • Improved balance. Some classes are outshined by others that can do similar things or the skills aren't very impressive. Example: there are plenty of amazing first level wizard spells, but second level wizard spells can't really compared entirely to the first level spells. Druids have a good number of friendly fireless AoE compared to the wizard. Chanter healing spells have very low range.
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