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  1. Thanks for the kind reply. I experimented and ignored the quest. Played around 4 more hours and no issues. and thinkind about it, I already went to that place and cleared it. So maybe the crash is caused by the game failing to list this quest as "botched" and trying to point me to some inexistant NPCs? I'll start a new game and try to do that quest without clearing the robots soon adn will reply if this is the issue.
  2. Hello there. I've been playing the game for a few days now and decided to complete all side quests. I returned to edgewater and tried to do the die robot quest chain. But once I accept to go to the area with the mechanicals to rob the robot brain the game just quits to desktop. I happend if I try to fast travel there and also if I just try to run. Once I'm near the place the game just quits. No idea what should I do. This is isheartening because I'm pretty hyped to play. thanks. Edit: playing the xbox live vof PC version. Doesn't have a choice to check files or anything.
  3. Frankly, I think the game is good enough for you to try and understand the combat system. My first character was also a Druid, so I think I understand your confusion. At first I also felt movement was too fast to allow proper usage of tactics, specially with ranged characters. So here are my 2 cents: Combat is not too movement oriented. You just position your team in a way yor tanks engage enemy runners and then DPS things to death. In case the fight is harder, you also crowd control and debuff, using your precious per rest abilities. Crowd control is specially powerful, remember to grab tho
  4. Removing swearing would not make the game any less troublesome for kids. We're talking about a game with really mature themes. It's like reading a book about genocide and saying it's child-friendly because they don't swear. It's not tha language, it's the subject matter.
  5. Agree completely. The specific animation from DA:O I have in my head is a quick thrust of the sword and then pushing the enemy off with the shield. It's quick, violent and realistic(-ish). The long-time obviously scripted motions get tiresome in the long run, but those small natural actions are great. I think long animations can work if they don't keep the character locked. Say, if you backstab an enemy and quickly your character release the wounded enemy, but he rolls and try to stop the jugular bleeding with his hands before collapsing by himself, it can be pretty good. About
  6. You can say that again. Bisecting Super Mutants have never been so much fun. On the topic, I must say I also loved the kill animations of Dragon Age: Origins. It could be annoying at times, yes, and it sometimes interfered with combat, sure, but it had some really nice sequences. Or headshots with a high-caliber weapon in Jagged Alliance 2, melon explosion. I think that violence for the sake of violence and excessive blood is silly, and I think that the gibbing in the IE games and PoE is stupid (I turn it off), but visceral, brutal kill animations, as long as it doesn't happen all the frea
  7. I like the engagement system, but it does need some fine tunning. It's indeed very hard to use melee DPS characters because dancing around the enemy without a disengagement attack requires too much micronanagement - and some luck, since enemies DO move while engaged sometimes.
  8. Actually I'd really enjoy some brutal kill animations. I find them very capable of making turn based (or RTwP) games feel a lot more visceral and satisfying. I can still remember my thrill when playing Fallout Tactics for the first time. Oh, the reaper. And the combat shotgun. Strategy games in general feel more rewarding with interesting and sometimes violent death animations. Starcraft 2, for instance, has grat death animations, while Grey Goo has none - and I felt this led me to feel weapons in grey goo are "meh". And I liked Grey Goo. The flying ham is just not interesting. I don't like
  9. Hard is not too easy. Hard only stop being hard because of the weird level curve allowing your team to be much higher level than enemies if you do all side quests before the main quest line. But I must say, without dinamic levels, it's pretty impossible to cover all bases - if the game was impossible without doing side quests first (like, say, Dragon Age Inquisition), people would complain a lot too.
  10. I'd like unique, skill-enhancing bonuses on unique items, so gameplay can change, something like Diablo III did. It allows for a lot of replayability with the same class and is, well, fun. Stat increases are good, sure, but not as entertaining. Also, give us the choice to start a new game + with all the levels and items and all enemies at lv 13 so we can test everything and feel trully powerful.
  11. I understand it's not for everyone, but I can say I'm loving the game. I don't agree with EVERY choice, of course - even some stats and mechanics feel a bit awkward to me - but the whole package has incredible value. And about the story and writting, I gottta disagree, it's better than almost any game I played in the last 10 years, the possible exception being Dishonored.
  12. Is it the 500 mb patch I'm downloading today? I already had 1.3 and could not find a patch log anywhere...
  13. I actually agree with you. While it can be played around, healing and buffing enemies that will fight for you for around 12 seconds is really annoying. On the other hand, mind controlling enemies is incredibly powerful, so maybe it's intentional for balance reasons. Maybe. But I`d still prefer if they were yellow, took AoE damage as enemies and not friendly only spells.
  14. I'd like something with Chtulhu-esque horror. Could be also Scy-Fi, as long as the focus is in the horror and people becoming mad, not technology per se. But I'd rather have something steampunk-ish with chtulhu-esque horror.
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