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  1. Only 2 but those seem irrelevant, Trinkets and Enhanced User Interface. Whakura Pass by avoiding the traps and facing the xaurips head on
  2. Patch 5.0 After leaving the Engwith Dig Site, I can't progress the game anymore. The reason is because Whakura Pass respawned, blocking the way preventing me from returning to the port. I really like this game so far with 10+ hours playing. I've browsed for the solution but didn't find any, maybe I missed it. Please help. See picture
  3. Patch 5.0 - The Whakura Pass Bug after exiting Engwithan Digsite on the world map, I can't progress the game because Whakura Pass respawned and is blocking the way. Log : - Out from Port Maje - Go left for a little bit for quick loot - Go directly to objective - Whakura Pass - Engwithan Digsite - Finished the quest, leaving the site - Then see picture I can't seem to do anything, 10+ hours so far and enjoying the game. After browsing the internet no solutions were mentioned, I might miss it, please help.
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