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  1. Is there any way to extract the PoE maps as a bmp/png/jpg/whatever? (For instance, something like this without the icons and labels? http://game-maps.com/PoE/img/Map-Encampment.jpg) Thanks
  2. I think I see what you are getting at, and it's a valid point. I don't approach cRPGs that way though, so it's kind of an alien concept to me. I love RPGs and have played a ton: sitting around a table, rolling dice, pushing miniatures, as well as really getting "into" character, trying to eliminate meta-knowledge, all that. But cRPGs I view as mostly pushing miniatures, within a meagre framework of "story". Now if I really get drawn into the story, and/or really find myself growing attached to NPCs (which I have)... that's great! But normally I want a cRPG (with an emphasis on the lowe
  3. Say what? Are we playing different games? We must be. There is not a SINGLE buff in PoE that bestows anything more than a minor adjustment to a party's stats. This is Josh Sawyer's baby, lest we've forgotten. Sawyer is a disciple of the power-via-10,000-baby-steps school of game design. There are no hard counters in this game. None. Instead, the system in place is designed to allow for infinite bonus stacking. And good players can eventually stack enough minor bonuses upon themselves to make a noticeable difference. I see the appeal of such a design, but I see it for what it IS. It's the spr
  4. At least negative status effects should always be on top, if they aren't already.
  5. Again, and for the millionth time - "don't use it" is not an appropriate response to the existence of an overpowered/dominant strategy. If chess had a rule where I could trade my pawns for queens on the first turn, I could surely decide to "not use it" to make the game more fun... but the game would still be poorly designed. Sure it is. This is a single player game. If someone doesn't like doing something, they shouldn't do it. In the IE games, if I had a full party, I would rarely, if ever, pre-buff, kite, attack outside of LOS, or any other powerful (OP?) tactic. I would just
  6. Which way to the nearest Ren Faire? EDIT: sorry, I meant to say, "Canst thou showest me on thine map, the nearest Ren Faire, if it pleaseth thee Mi'lord?"
  7. This is my thought. If the game kind of "needs" it, like a shooter or flight sim or something, then sure, 3D is the way to go. But for a tactical, party-based game like most RPGs? Give me (a nice looking) 2D, any day. PoE nailed the graphics, imo. I should mention that I don't care for 1st person games in general (Elder Scroll game included), and think Dwarf Fortress (with a decent tileset) has wonderful graphics...
  8. Some people seek external rewards over internal rewards (and the other way around too ofc). I think those that want exploits removed (rest spamming, forex) want the external reward of having accomplishments in a game to be recognized by the community (on some level). The presence of exploits do (sort of) remove a lot of the "bragging rights" in beating a game. I'm more internally motivated, so I have no problem "gimping" myself if it means making a game more fun (self imposed ironman mode, or playing solo, or w/e) and couldn't care less if someone else somewhere was abusing the crap out
  9. (I'll reference BG2, since I consider that to be the very best of the IE games.) BG2 combat was FUN. Yes, it was over-the-top, crazy, horribly broken, abusable, etc. etc. But still fun. I was a long-time vet of AD&D(2) and I still got my arse handed to me in BG2 at first. The game was challenging. Then I learned, and I could face-roll my way through just about everything with a decent party and some meta-knowledge. So I made less than optimal parties, and that was somewhat difficult for awhile. Then I moved on to soloing the game, same thing. Then Solo-no-reload (or Solo Iro
  10. I originally thought the idea (of camping supplies) was decent (not great, but decent), but with more time in I have to agree with you. Fundamentally, there is no difference between resting as much as I want vs. resting only in town (or with camping supplies) other than a whole lot of wasted (real) time. It is somewhat annoying.
  11. I look at it like this: Someone was offended by the joke. Obsidian checked it out and agreed that the joke was in poor taste (to some extent at least), enough to ask the backer to change the wording. The backer agreed, and Obsidian implemented the changes. There is *nothing* wrong with that! Now, I personally did not find the joke offensive at all. It never even occurred to me that the joke could be offensive. But then again, I'm not a trans-sexual person. But thinking about it, I can however see how such a person would find the joke to be in poor taste. I can see it. Obsidian m
  12. I'm enjoying the game so far, but the combat seems a little underwhelming. However, I haven't quite played enough to really give it a fair shake. (Disclaimer: I'm one of those people who really, really liked the AD&D(2) rules, so... there is that.)
  13. Someone said it best earlier, "this is not the hill to die on."
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