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so okay where do i even beginningg! This game is the worst game ever! to Start with you get sick HELLOW WHERE IS MY FORT SAVE against poisonn?!!? then the man says to get the berries for tea! i do not liketea! i will nto get ur berries caravan man1 how do u like that BUT I MUST?!?!?


Garphisc are well 2 b honest subpar at best i mean there is no 3d at all!! i want 2 see what is the oteher side of walls in case there are snipers or maybe loot! also camera does not zoom in far enouhg so i cannot check my characters makeup!11!


game is full of bugs!1! many big ones, including beetles and spiders! clearly no QA here huh Obsidian Enterlamement?!?!


no voice acting is unbleievalbe! seriously there are maybe like five thousand voiced lines out of five million??!? also there are too many words!! i canot reed tehm all!!


combat is awful i play a warzid and keep dying to deer! i cats sepll s at my copmuter but does nothing?!!? HAX bears in cave 2 easy though, soloed on pats fo teh darned, aslo kild gohsts


i read on forum s and poeple tel me is not Bladdur's Gate BUT HOWCOME ist diferent?? wehere is Imoen and Mr Irenicus??? and no Mincs??? i have named pig Minsc but he does not talk


oh wel I will review again after first level


5/5 stars

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Pointless thread.



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