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  1. Funny poll. I played the entire game when it first came out and encountered no major bugs. Are you sure we played the same game?
  2. I assure you that the average salary on the PoE team is closer to double that. Then when you add payroll taxes and insurance, you can probably double it again and be pretty close to the actual average cost of an employee at a commercially-viable game development studio in California.
  3. I doubt we will see anything that doesn't fit onto the existing map. So the places you mentioned all probably out. More likely I would expect something like 2-3 outdoor areas, a multi-level dungeon, definitely a few new enemies, definitely some new cool loot, possibly a new companion. My concern is that they kind of need to increase the level cap when they add more content, and that means new spells and abilities, which would be a hell of a lot of work. I don't really expect them to add much to existing systems like the stronghold since they are a relatively small team and would probably choose to focus on making one great new storyline, rather than split up their efforts. That's all speculation though. EDIT: Also my personal preference is that they add something that fits into the middle of the story rather than continue the story after the current end.
  4. Animated campfire with particles and heat shimmer effect. Dynamic point light from a carried torch. Falling leaves. Animated water where the ripples move faster in the deep areas and slower near the shore where water is shallow. Fireflies. Made this list in 5 minutes walking around the first map in the game. So I guess the answer to your question is "in the first map in the game".
  5. The item is good, but by that time in the game you probably have a dozen weapons in your stash that are just as good.
  6. I agree. The last boss fight does this. So I know they know how to do it. I wish they had done it more often.
  7. Huh, and Wasteland 2 is also Unity, so that's odd. Unity does not come with a stock standard save game feature, which means that everyone generally has to roll their own. So not every Unity save game will necessarily be the same. As hard as it is to mod this game, I hope it does not perpetuate the myth that all Unity games are hard to mod. This issue is entirely on the developer's shoulders whether to embed game data in the code or to put it in easily-accessible text files. The fault is not with the Unity engine itself. You could make a native DirectX game that is just as hard to mod as PoE, or a Unity game that is driven entirely by text Lua scripts. Oh and to the OP, I agree. Complaining about balance in a single player game is annoying.
  8. Look I'm not excusing the pathing in this game, which could be greatly improved, but this comment makes me doubt that you ever actually played BG or you are exaggerating. Go into the Nashkel Mines (or any dungeon really), click on the opposite side of the map, and watch every character take a different route to get there, often stumbling into monsters and getting slaughtered since they are alone. This rarely happens while outside of combat in PoE because they allow characters to overlap collision boxes so there is far less bumping into each other. The problem in PoE shows up in combat where they go back to hard BG-style collision where 6 guys all try to walk through the doorway at the same time, bumping into each other and causing them all to get confused and/or stuck. I think the other frustration is that if a guy takes a bad path in combat, they may get engaged by the wrong enemy, so the system is very unforgiving.
  9. Never played Path of Exile and likely never will. One PoE is an RPG, the other PoE is an action arcade game. Other than the fact that they are both computer games, I don't see how you would get the two confused. That's like confusing The Great Gatsby with a Superman comic book, since technically they are both "books".
  10. I would encourage anyone complaining about bad pathfinding in this game to go play one of the old IE games and see what bad pathfinding is really like.
  11. If they actually cared one way or another about the little war you are trying to instigate here, they would lock this thread.
  12. There are many times in the game where an NPC asks you a question about yourself where the answer is ambiguous, like this one with Calisca for instance. This was done intentionally to give the player a way to RP and define their own character's background. Some of these choices affect other dialogs later on. I thought it was a cool way to give the player more control over who their character is. I'm sorry you didn't like it.
  13. I'd put it slightly below PS:T and above all the others. The combat is more fun than any of them. The story is original and compelling and heartbreaking. It fixes a lot of the mechanics that annoy me about D&D. While I wish the game were deeper, I found that it was deep enough in the area that it really needed, the story quests.
  14. I don't think this is a spoiler. More like a warning. When you finish the main quest, the game is over. Also, it's hard. Do your leveling up before you go past the point of no return. I guess I was thinking that I would be able to keep playing past the end. Not sure why I thought that. I did it at level 10 but had to drop down to easy and still almost couldn't do it. There are probably trick builds that can do it at low level, but that wasn't me.
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