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Backer Beta: Coming August 18th

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Here is the footage from Gamescom 2014. It is new never before seen stuff from the Backer Beta! Can't wait to test it out!




1. What the hell is a "kith" ?


2. Vanishing corpses have to go.

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It would be of small avail to talk of magic in the air...

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It seems like the greater concern from folks is the preservation of the story (no spoilers) throughout the beta; my primary concern is getting my $25 worth. If it is short and pointless.... yea, it harms the wallet and good faith a little. I'm not watching the videos because, for me, I want the beta to be fun and new. I'm hoping for 4+ hours of content...is that hoping too much? :(


I think I would've just stuck with my original pledge and not purchased beta access separate if the beta is short and sucky. Am I way off base here? From everything I have read the beta is intended to be more than just paying a premium to help the Q&A team slog through the bugs; it's partially supposed to be about playing and enjoying content before the game is released....correct?


Anyway, I am a long time follower of Project Eternity, just haven't had much reason to say anything on the forums. Very much enjoyed reading different threads though (i.e. the MEGA threads about armor types).


From what I understand, Alpha is when only some of the features are implemented but Beta is the stage where the game would be "feature complete". However, with lots of bugs and things wrong that need to be fixed and improved. Beta is still low quality and needs to have a lot of problems fixed before it is at a "releasable" level of quality.


If you're playing a beta, then in a way you're serving as a tester and the aim is not to enjoy it fully but to find problems, and provide feedback so the problems can be fixed by the developers.


I think you should only participate in a beta test program if you are doing it in that spirit. If you want full enjoyment, better to wait for release. Personally I won't play the beta, I want to wait for the final product and just play that.

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So, the beta access is only for those who backed with 110$ or more, right?


You can also buy it for $25 as an extra option with anything else.

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Obsidian employees in charge of this beta getting up and running *insert name here* may wake up any minute now. Then they'll check out these forums, eat their breakfast and then go to OE's office.

Once there, they will make sure that the update goes live (so perhaps two hours from now). Then Steam will make the beta build available slightly late (like CET 19:30). That's my futile prediction. I just wrote this up, coz I can't concentrate on any work, and I just want that PoE fix now!

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