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  1. Finally! One week late but whatever. I was just leaving my house when the delivery arrived. The postal service tracker was not up to date so I didnt expect it! Hahaha so happy. Everything is good now. Not pictured is the tshirt. Because I'm wearing it.
  2. Still nothing... The parcel took another 4 days to actually leave Netherlands. At least currenlty the parcel is supposed to be in customs in my country.. So hopefully if everything goes alright I will get it this week. I wonder what value Obsidian put down as value for the parcel. For the love of god hopefully not the fully backed amount... Overall disappointed.
  3. Shipped from the Netherlands. Scheduled to arrive on the 15-16th. Tracking number included however it doesnt find the parcel yet.
  4. I'm really happy that game is getting such good reviews. Makes waiting for it a bit harder haha but it will be worth it.
  5. If you are in Europe in about a months time according to this thread. If you are in the US within the next days. Have fun guys. I will wait till everything arrives.
  6. Well put. Just leaves a sour taste. Sigh. Next time I just wait for the parcel to arrive instead of bothering to read the posts.
  7. Yeah I'm kinda miffed too. I was expecting to get my physical goods by the end of the month.. But a couple of weeks later? The person in charge for shipping the goods to other parts of the world messed up in my opinion. Should have gotten that stuff out earlier when you knew your deadline, especially after postponing it for several times.
  8. Yay! You guys are closing in on the 26th and I'm closing in on my bar exam on the 31st. Good luck to both us . Can't wait to open my box after the exams
  9. Nice peek at the docu. Really liked the tone of it. Only a couple more weeks :D
  10. Yeah haven't received anything either but then again my address has been entered since the beginning so there shouldn't be any problems (hopefully).
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