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  1. It does seem that might was a little bit of a controversial choice. I would guess they have tried to simplify the overall stats for the "new guys" mayhap? But in doing so it doesn't quite lend itself to the complexity we all like to associate with a attribute based stat system. Panteleimon: Yeah I like the idea of guns as a wizard equalizers. I think in reference to my comment above it would require a more complex view of the attributes system to really make sense. Just like Helm said, it really doesn't make sense that my might physical or otherwise would increase my rifle dmg. Maybe a mix of dex for the accuracy, perception to judge wind speed/direction and Intelligence to calculate for inbuilt inaccuracy of the rifle barrel ( a major issue with the kind of firearms within PoE)? this is way too convoluted but I think something in that direction would make sense, particulars aside.
  2. Not having a go but it's not strength. Its might. As in magical Might, mental might, physical might, strength of your healing....basically being mighty.... which doesn't always mean how well you swing a sword. The others are then based around ... I also like how raising your character's might attribute makes bullets and arrows more mighty by defying the laws of physics. They should call it super mysterious magical damage multiplier. It is strange. Didn't crossbows(I don't think there were any other self-propelled weapons in those games) in the IE games NOT use strength as a damage modifier, in exchange for a higher base damage range? Seems like that's something that's likely to change before the game ships. Honestly I think this is the problem with adding in guns in general. A gun hits as hard as it hits. At best you could add a modifier from accuracy. At least with bows the stronger(mightier ) you are means you can use a higher poundage bow and draw the string back further thus increasing its power.
  3. I've mentioned this before but ..... MONK ANIMATIONS. I'm not sure if they have been limited just for the backer beta, however assuming this is not the case, I really think they need more work. Firstly, the current monk attack is only a slight adaption of the non-monk unarmed attack animation. This isn't really good enough considering how long the game will have us staring unblinkingly at our little avatars of death and joy. A small combo or kick added in just to spice it up a smidge would be a real improvement in terms of convincing the player that this is a monk dedicated to the fighting arts and not just some daft brawler. Equally important (maybe more) is the lack of an "en garde/weapon drawn" fighting stance once in combat. Having the monk avatar go from standing up at attention into the scripted punch animation every-time looks a little ridiculous and really doesn't fit with all the other classes standing at the ready with their weapons drawn and ready for combat. Although this might seem to be a minor issue it really does detract from my own personal enjoyment of combat as it is a constant visible niggle concerning my favorite class. I hope I'm not alone in my views as it would be wonderful to see this improved. THAT SAID I am loving everything else about the game, bugs aside, and will continue to play regardless. ta
  4. Not having a go but it's not strength. Its might. As in magical Might, mental might, physical might, strength of your healing....basically being mighty.... which doesn't always mean how well you swing a sword. The others are then based around ... how well you take a hit (con) how much mental defense/will power you have (res) how well you know how to use your might (int) How well you can see/judge openings in your opponents attacks (per) How well(not how hard) you strike on target (dex) so i think in principle these are actually pretty well thought out even if the balancing needs improved to make them more effective. Just my thoughts
  5. Monks.... A slightly better combat animation and an "en garde"/weapon drawn stance as it would just make watching the combat, which will have no other changes since we get no sexy weapons, a lot more interesting for the hundreds of hours I plan on playing. Cosmetic I know, but it would improve the overall experience for me. Yes I posted about this but damn it I'm going to cry about it til someone takes me seriously
  6. mine was just a regular game on normal mode. Just a full exit and restart of the game solved it. will try path of the damned and see if i get the same result as yourself.
  7. [Operation] Selected New Game after quitting from old one. [Expected] Load to character creation. [Happened] Game loaded to start point with naked barbarian with no stats...sexy.
  8. Pretty happy. +ves Environments whilst currently quite static (assume this will not be the case for full release) are stunning. music is glorious combat is exciting and often challenging. Even repeating certain fights lots of customization, though I guess a little more in the way of character models would be nice. wonderfully written. Even the minor issues are immersive and fleshed out. Fairly good looking 3D models. -ves combat animations are somewhat lack luster. Especially the monk (I've griped about this already) pretty static environments. Honestly I would put more -ve's in however I don't count bugs. The point of the beta is to remove these. As for the overall impression I'm very happy. just sort out the MONK COMBAT ANIMATIONS and i'll be a happy camper.
  9. Morning, just a little itemized list of the stuff I've found so far. Menu Tabs disappearing whilst in another. eg in Graphics and the auto-pause and others disappear. Music overlap. When exiting to the menu screen the in-game music continues to play over the top of the menu screen music. Infinite load screen after death. Unable to hand in dragon egg as dialogue option with Hendyna non existant. Floating equipment. Whilst in inventory screen character portraits often have their weapons floating to their side (shields particularly) Often can't zoom in and out. Highlights around interactive objects can be out of place, behind/to the side of the actual object. After hiring adventurer, infinite load screen on exiting the Inn. No combat noises. magic effects/ melee strike sound effects etc. Some items disappear from inventory when being moved in or out of item slots. Beards disappear when wearing helmets... i like my sexy beard...don't take it away. Game crashed after level up...it wasn't that awesome. Continue doesn't seem to use the latest saved game file. After level up character screen was...messed up.. for want of a better term. TTFN.
  10. yeah its not a massive issue but does take out some of the vim from watching the combat
  11. Ok so first off. Thoroughly enjoying what small section of the game we've been given access to. That said, as the title suggests I'm somewhat dismayed at the apparent lack of effort put into the Monk combat animations. This is by no means limited to Pillars as all games seem to fail in this regard when dealing with unarmed fighters, but my main gripes are thus. no "en garde" position. All other weapon types have a combat stance when not attacking. The monk however stands in the upright idle position like a numpty . This spoils the feel of combat and could be easily fixed with a standard martial arts stance. One bloomin punch? That's the sum total of our monks combat knowledge...... I get you don't want to have a bunch of over the top fighting animations but if i plan on watching my monk fight for hundreds of in game hours I want him to look a little more impressive than a brawler. Just a bit of foot movement, a kick or a bit of fancier hand work would improve this aspect immensely. Remember its a given people will play the monk as an unarmed combatant a lot if not all the time, so we don't get the gratification of a shiny new weapon as we lvl. These are not game breaking, I'm well aware of that. I'm not such a child as to claim this will ruin the game or any of the other such hyperbole people often make but I do feel quite underwhelmed by the monks visuals. I don't believe changing this would be back breaking work and I'm pretty confident it would be a welcome addition to any and all monk fans out there. I promise I'm sending in proper bug reports as well
  12. Want to play please. beta now thankee kindly. Cheers... or at least a wee note to say delayed or when or summit! ta.
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