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  1. Yes, now you just get a debuff if your pet dies. Its a nasty debuff, but it won't kill you.
  2. I don't get the ranger hate, i absolutly love my ranger and will definently be running a first run with one. And in regards to the damage being weaker than other classes, with the build below its just now the case. Now i haven't been doing any deep analyzing like sensuki,k just ran the beta and had great fun with the ranger. Stats were a bit ramdom (16 might and 16 dex ) but i can get back with them later if anyone wants them. Skills/talents: mark prey, ruffian special, swift aim, gunner, stalkers link, swift and steady, and pet takedown. Then running a blunderbuss, dual sabers and
  3. Hmm mine bugged out at the same place, but i did take the reward
  4. I have the same issue and don't even get the XX skill needed, I also can get the hook and rope to work, but found a work around for getting into that area of the map. Sorry i don't know how to do the hidden spoiler thing so if you dont want to know dont read the below text In the dye merchants shop (the one that attacks you if you show him the note from the dead cultist) you can find a key that allowes you to open the door in his tower so you can enter the temple below. The key is in one of the dye buckets but you can only find it after scouting around for a bit (like a hidden door
  5. Only windows for now. God that wait is killing me, please just give a ETA to i can move on with my life instead of checking for an update every 10 minutes :D
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