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Backer Beta: Coming August 18th

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Technically, the 18th isn't a special day. It's not like they're making non-Americans wait until Boxing Day to get their Christmas gift. If you know that you live 12 hours ahead of people who are making the game in California, why would you get up at 9am and say GO TIME?

Funnily enough they're using Steam so it would've actually been possible to do that. Send the keys out over a couple of days and have Steam release the beta staggered over the individual time-zones at a given local time. 


Not that I'd expect that kind of effort for a simple beta, just saying it's not unreasonable to hope for something like that. :p


This was not possible due to some technical reasons. We worked with Steam so that we could make the Beta live while it wouldn't show up in stores, because of this, the beta has been technically live for a couple of weeks and anybody with a key could have accessed the build that was up there (which wasn't the final build). With the way we are releasing keys, they will be live to all backers at once.


Well, at least with the beta essentially live already we can be sure that Steam won't interfere with the launch as it has a tendency to do with games set to release at a certain time...


Thanks for the explanation.

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Where keys will be appear? In our mail?In Steam message?

You will need to sign in to your backer portal account. If you head to https://eternity.obsidian.net/account and click on the "Products" tab, you will see all of the products you are eligible for. If you are eligible for the backer beta you will see a backer beta entry (Note: You won't see this until we push everything live. Don't freak out if it isn't currently there). If you click on that entry, you will see a button to generate a Steam key for the beta. Clicking on the button will generate a key for you and give you instructions in how to access the beta on Steam.

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Can't speak for others but I'm certainly not blaming them. They've probably worked pretty hard to make the deadline and not have to delay the release. It's just that, somewhere deep inside, there's still this glimmer of hope that one day, we (as in: anyone outside the US) won't be treated as second-class consumers by American companies.


Well if that isn't blame I don't know what is. You consider the treatment Obsidian is giving you to be second-class, but you don't blame them for that treatment? What, then, do you blame that treatment on? The sun? The rotation of the Earth? The fact that it is spherical?


Suffice it to say, I am done with this discussion. Good night, sir.

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With all this time wrangling I noticed that the forum clock is 5 minutes early, or is it just something on mine side?


Mine is five minutes fast, too, if that's what you mean. 


Edit: Probably just our computers out of sync with the rest of reality. 

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