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  1. Thanks. I was trying to figure it out myself. Average ain't average these days
  2. In my forum profile it says I have the kickstarter badge but none appears on my posts...
  3. From what I understand, Alpha is when only some of the features are implemented but Beta is the stage where the game would be "feature complete". However, with lots of bugs and things wrong that need to be fixed and improved. Beta is still low quality and needs to have a lot of problems fixed before it is at a "releasable" level of quality. If you're playing a beta, then in a way you're serving as a tester and the aim is not to enjoy it fully but to find problems, and provide feedback so the problems can be fixed by the developers. I think you should only participate in a beta test pro
  4. I'd like to be a "Knight of the Obsidian Order". I'd prefer just the text title on the left, and I would prefer to not have any badge in the sig. Thanks.
  5. Yeah, I just became a backer too.... just 3 days before it shuts. Better late than never! I wanted to show my support at the 11th hour. Had to be a part of it.
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