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Update #20: Lore Tidbits, Campaign Almanac, Big Ol' Stretch Goals, and... Environment Screenshot!

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Vailians are the biggest slave traffickers in this region, but they are by no means the biggest group of slavers. Vailians buy most of their slaves from coastal traders all over the southern hemisphere. Additionally, slavery is legal in Dyrwood and among the Aedyr in general. Finally, ethnic Vailian does not equal Vailian. The Vailian Republics are an ethnically mixed culture, though clearly dominated by ethnic Vailians (as the Dyrwood is dominated by ethnic Aedyr).


Ok, that is cool then. The way it was mentioned made me think they were the only ones around. Side note, I still read vailians as villains for some reason.


Well, at least they did not make some race the token race that everybody hates like I mentioned in other threads..oh..wait ...


Elven names, yea, a little too much elven names around, don't humans and the other races get to name anything?

Human beings pretty consistently abuse people and animals that are physically smaller and weaker than them. It's not a matter of people hating orlans; it's a matter of a subset of people being able to get away with physically overpowering them and taking advantage of that.


There are only two things in the update that have what would be considered uniquely "elven" names: Eír Glanfath and biamhac. Everything else is either Aedyran or Vailian.


Fuzzy brain got me then, my bad.

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I want to be a free-booting mercenary, a privateer, a scoundrel (with a *very* occasional Han-Solo-ish heart of gold). I want to hack my way through anyone who opposes me and serve those with the most money to pay me. I want to care not for slavery, politics, religion or intrigue, but to laugh at their machinations as I throw a comely whore over each shoulder after a night of boozing and brawling.


In short, this sounds like a fairly good setting for all that.






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Deep in the dreaming Dyrwood

Amidst the wind stirred leaves

There came upon my wandering

Chuckling promises of ease


So towards yon boisterous song

I turned my weary feet

And by and by beneath crossed boughs

I did the songster meet


Yet when cupped hands to mouth

I brought my brow did crease in pain

For with the welcome cool came hints

I'd hoped ne'er to taste again


It seemed sure then I'd not outrun

The breath and fields war

As even though this sky clear stream

Their foetid flavours pour


Knee bent by brook, at bay at last,

I could no longer flee

So on upstream with girded heart

A purpose set me free


A night and day spent tracing brook

Passing 'twixt strand and leaf

While the thunderous call of falls ahead

Did buoy my thoughts from grief


And then a hint through boughs and mist

A form in marble fair!

A flowing gown and for her crown

Naught but her sculpted hair


Her loving hand laid cross her womb

To keep her unborn safe?

Beneath her gaze I'd have fought for days

To keep her children safe!


But oh, as I drew close I saw

Such thoughts had come too late

Some filth had with their grubby claws

Defiled her form in hate!


Her gown was torn, her flesh peeled back

Her face half flayed in spite!

My teeth did grind and fingers twitch

I longed to make this right!


I think it then, hidden by trees,

Before her martyred form

I felt within the final snap

Of a mind long since war-torn


All comrades passed, I go alone

Into this last good fray

Together had we happened by

We'd ne'er have turned away


Whoever cut her once smooth face

While I yet breath shall pay

And if they stole her childrens' lives

Then none shall walk away!


But softly now, this life 's a coin

Which I may spend but once

Done right I could crowd hells tonight

With desecrating *****!


A fire at last to draw what eyes

May lurk down yonder pass

Then loose yon boat and to the woods

Back slow and low through grass


And softly spider under the bridge

Beneath her wounded eyes

To swarm up fast and in at last

To see who lives and dies!

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Wonderful! Give these RPG giants free hands and a let them loose and nothing less then a masterpiece of game medium will once again arise! Fresh new world with some serious twist/quirk/angle on it and the dumb-dialog is making grand return, just another dreams fullfilled, thank you Obsidian :bow: I am not getting this excited not even on my paydays :no:

"Have you ever spoken with the dead? Called to them from this side? Called them from their silent rest? Do you know what it is that they feel?

Pain. Pain, when torn into this wakefulness, this reminder of the chaos from which they had escaped. Pain of having to live! There will be no more pain. There will be... no more chaos."



Kerghan the Terrible,

first of the Necromancers,

voyager in the Lands of the Dead.

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Before badmouthing someone, you should make really sure that you're correct. The $50 tier was added later.


I hope you now deservedly feel like an idiot.



Nope, when I pledged the $50 was there. Afterwards the $65 physical (but darn shipping). I decided not to go 50 since the bonuses compared to 35 were meaningless to me (telephone ringtone etc. Meh). The book definitely WASN'T on it. And now... it is.

So they are able to change stuff.

Definitely proven now, since they added the pet there too...




I agree that that is such a stupid idiotic pathetic garbage hateful retarded scumbag evil satanic nazi like term ever created. At least top 5.


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