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I do understand wanting/expecting something closer to the original games one loves. Imagine if Diablo3 went this route of drastically altering core gameplay, there would probably be street riots. :lol: But it doesn't mean a game has to be so in order to have the rights to the name.


Even tho I knew Obsidian was going to be taking a different approach, I was still taken aback by how different it was. The more I play tho, the more I like it. Perhaps not as much as I liked the more casual (and likely more replayable, imo) hack n slash of the first two, but it's still fun. Once the keyboard is (hopefully) mappable I'll enjoy it even more. Sometimes change is a good thing.


The multi-player aspect, from what I've read, tho, is not something I'd like at all. I haven't tried it myself but from description I think they did drop the ball on that part. What the reasons were for those decisions of how it works, I don't know.

“Things are as they are. Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations.” – Alan Watts
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My point is I dont see how they can call it Dungeon Siege when it is nothing like the originals.

is it written somewhere (some sequel making code of honor or something) that sequels have to be exact copies but with different content? just chill.


a lot more people didn't like the first DS, than did. so it's a welcome change. you've been heard, great, still doesn't mean your opinion is the only right one, why enforce it here?


Where was this when Fallout 3 was coming out? Not saying it's wrong, just amused by the double standard.

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Well, people who like to help strangers finish the game? People who like to kick some ass with a different character? People who enjoy the game.



nice for you. so you find the system good?


ok all in our german forum say that is ****. nice for you that u love that system.


I bought it because of coop AND trophies and its not possible to play together, its only possible to help....

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Where was this when Fallout 3 was coming out?

I don't know, I wasn't around here after FO3 had come out. it's a bad game anyway.

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Let's Play The Temple of Elemental Evil (Complete)
Let's Play Neverwinter Nights and Hordes of the Underdark

Let's Play Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn

I was struggling to understand ths until I noticed you are from Finland. And having been educated solely by mkreku in this respect I am convinced that Finland essentially IS the wh40k universe.

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doesnt that give me the right to complain?

no, it really doesn't.


besides, there's a lot of similarities, other than not having a huge party following me and a different combat system, it feels very much like DS. which is everything I could have hoped for. so, you don't like to press buttons to play your characters, that's ok, you made your point. now what?


Well yeah, here in the good old USA it does give me the right to complain. In fact according to the US constitution I have freedom of speech wether I buy the item in question or not. As far asa the similarities go????? Ummmm......ok, well its similar in the fact that it is an action rpg, and that it has similar settings that you would find in any rpg but nothing distinctive to the original Dungeon Siege gameplay, so I dont know what you are seeing, but IMO it is not Dungeon Siege.

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"but IMO it is not Dungeon Siege. "


That's okay because the game is dungeon seige THREE.


If you wanted to play dungeon seige ONE go play it. Nobody is stopping you.

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