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  1. I would like for Obsidian bow out and hand the rights back over to Gas Powered Games. Honestly, while DS3 wasnt completely horrible, it was scarcely a Dungeon Siege game. It needs to be more simplistic like the original DS games DS1 and DS2. They also need to bring back the original levelling system, and armor, weapons, spells, etc... should have larger variety. Finally it should be alot freindlier for the PC considering the first two were written for the PC.
  2. Yeah, while this was my least favorite of all the Dungeon Siege games, I have to say I dont recall any major bugs. The camera, yes it totally sucked, but I have played worse games with worse camera angles.
  3. Yep its official alright, that is to say I am officially calling bull**** on the very idea that DS3 is better than Diablo 3. Look, DS3 wasnt a bad game, I even played it all the way through despit the complete lack of connection between it and the 2 previous games. The problem with DS3 is it abandoned nearly every thing that made the dungeon siege franchise so enjoyable to begin with, and turned it into little more than an arcade romp. Granted the graphics were good, as well as the animations and etc. but you can't really say that DS3 is better than Diablo 3 because you are comparing a fini
  4. Games that Blow DS3 away Diablo 1 and 2 Baldours Gate Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2 Sacred 1 and 2 Titan Quest Dungeon Siege 1 and 2 Torchlight Fate Mass Effect 1 and 2 Knights of the old Republic 1 and 2 Elder Scrolls all of them Kingdom Hearts all of them Gauntlet all of them Fable Pacman Space Invaders Pong Need I say more?
  5. Ok I will present to you a choice. 1) You are ignorant, cynical and spouting the same nonsense that every CLUELESS hater is spouting. 2) You have no idea what you are talking about and forgot the mantra, "Better to be silent and appear stupid, than open mouth and remove all doubt." Throughout THE ENTIRE GAME events and characters of the past are referenced over and over and over again. IN FACT there is an entire level in the game dedicated to those past games... AND a quest called Dungeon Siege. If that is Obsidian's way of going off the beaten path of the old games then I am sure as
  6. since when 74 is a "low" score? on a 100 scale, 74 is 3/4s, how is that "low"? 74 is low compared to what the original Dungeon Siege got which was an 85
  7. If the game is broken, or destroys a computer, I may agree with you...but a game that works, your crazy. What, you're going to go eat at a Restuarant and if you don't like the food that you chose and ordered and was made according to regulations, you won't pay. I believe that's called Stealing. Then again, maybe you are one of those criminals and should be put away. IF it doesn't work or breaks your computer, I'd be all behind you, but to try to get money back on a working product is simply criminal in my opinion. At least you aren't as bad as the pirates. Actually most
  8. It would be horrible if Obsidian would do that since most of the complaints are completely incoherent nonsense resulting from obtuse and imperceptive mentality.. It would be like 98% of scientists apologizing for the creationism outrage because 56% of people are indoctrinated into thinking that primitive scribblings of goat herders a couple of thousand years ago is more valuable than empirical knowledge. You know its one thing to get on here and complain and get into heated discussions and get stupid with each other over something that quite honestly is not that important to begin w
  9. This review says it all... http://www.gamespot.com/pc/rpg/dungeon-sie...y%3Bread-review
  10. Because? There was a demo and reviews, no one told you to get the game before researching whether it suited your tastes or not. Thats a BS statement if I ever heard one, you know how many reviews I read that thought a game was so great, and then it ended up being terrible. Like Beauty, a good game is in the eye of the player, many people hated FEAR 2, but I loved it. Same can be said with DS3 I have ready more good reviews than bad, that doesn't make it a good game in my eyes because it is too far gone from the orignal formula that made the originals so good in my eyes, but there again
  11. I couldnt have said it better. You know I just picked up this little $15 game off of steam called Dungeons and Dragons Daggerfall, and while it isn't the classic RPG style that I prefer like you would see in the first 2 DS games, it suer is alot more enjoyable and less frustrating than DS3.
  12. I don't remember what chapter that is, I quit after finishing the desert area, there was no story in that game, no purpose to move forward, nothing. I didn't feel like I was doing something important. at least Diablo had great interface and co-op, DS had nothing other than small groups of enemies scattered around big empty areas Yes as much as I hate to admit it, DS 2 did have its fair share of BS to it. While I still found it enjoyable, some of the quests were confusing, and the save game feature blew goat ass. I still think it was a great game, just not as good as the first. And tr
  13. Not surprising considering how long its been since the last game. Preordering gives such missleading info, they seell the **** outta the game before it comes out, that way when it does come out, no matter how bad it is, they made a butt load of money so it was a great game right? Sorry they might have sold alot of copies but that does not make it anything less than a Gauntlet clone under a different name.
  14. Actually hands down the best action RPG since Diablo 1 and 2 yes.
  15. Yeah, I liked DS3 better when it was called Gauntlet. Seriously DS3 is nothing more than an arcade version of the original game, and there is so little of the first two in this one that it has nothing to do with the DS universe other than the name. I find this shocking especially since obsidian put out Never Winter Nights 2, and a few other killer titles so I can't help but be dissappointed. Thank God Blizzard is doing Diablo as I am sure it will up to its name.
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