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  1. I had never played sp until today (just to verify that I got the same bugs), the coop camera is what I started with and it's awful. Autoturn locked-zoom chaingang horrible horrible. SP isn't quite as bad and zooming in/out is annoying but not nearly as terrible as coop.
  2. Sure it is, that's why the couple hours I played coop with the friend I bought it for had 2 CTDs, 5 memory leaks (I'm assuming that's what the cinematic fps drop and hold is) and 2 totally unknown graphics glitches, causing me to have to completely exit game and restart every single time. Got to the point where I just say 'fps again' and he'd guide us to a save spot. http://forums.obsidian.net/index.php?showtopic=58873
  3. I'd seriously pay for a DLC just to remove the camera system in favor of a constant 30-45 degree overhead.
  4. I guess I am used to it by now with AP etc but yet another Obsidian game that could have been genre-defining held back by bugs and one or two fatal flaws. It just really really bothers me how gorgeous it is and how fun it is to play and yet the camera system is easily the worst I have ever seen and the UI is awful as well. Any patches on the horizon? Haven't seen squat from Obsidian on this forum so I'm guessing not. If this game was patched to not have such a horrible camera system and just slightly better UI it could have been serious competition for all the diabloesques (including
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