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E3 first impressions

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Gaygamer.net impressions


E3 '10: Dungeon Siege III


While "We're not talking about that just yet" was the chorus of Square's Obsidian-developed Dungeon Siege III, shown briefly in pre-alpha, the verses were mighty impressive. (I say that as an RPG nut who liked the first few hours of the hours of the original game... and then loathed the rest of it, and the sequel, for being utterly linear and horrendously repetitive.) Obsidian has taken their enormously talented RPG pedigree, inserted the concept of quest hubs, side quests, and nonlinearity to break up the long, long Dungeon Siege highway, and given the series a makeover to be appropriate to the Xbox 360 and PS3.


Only two classes have been revealed, the tank/melee Guardian and the sexy angelic she-warrior Archon. No mention of party size in either solo or local multiplayer - or of online multiplayer - but by the sly grins on the faces of the developers I'm guessing we'll have at least the genre-standard four, perhaps even the much larger parties favored by the previous Dungeon Siege games.


Another Obsidian hallmark is storytelling - not historically the strongest point of this series, but Obsidian is injecting plenty of story and personality with on-the-fly dialog and cutscenes: they won't stop the game or slow down the fast-paced action the series demands, but will enliven the Dungeon Siege universe by spinning a richer yarn as you hack, slash, and cast.


Loot is color coded by rarity and tagged with its value in gold, so you won't waste inventory space picking up that worthless halberd when you could sell that class-specific weapon you can't use for megabucks. No mention of the inventory-expanding tag along mule, although the developers mentioned that they knew it was a fan favorite. I'm hoping they don't include him/her: the animal lover in me doesn't like being violent near my furry friends like mules and musclebears!

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Decisions in dealing with other people in to the talks on a similar multiple choice system as in Alpha Protocol expire in Dungeon Siege 3, however, without time pressure.


Does that mean it's going to be a voiced PC? :woot:


@ Virumor


Is that her? If it is, I wonder if it will inlcude some wonderful camera placement during the conversations like another game.

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Dungeon Siege 3 scores 1UP nomination for Best RPG Game at E3 2010. http://twitpic.com/1xnbgc


Atomic MPC E3 impressions

Nathan Davis, the game's producer, also told us that he and his team were real PC fans, so that's always a good sign. "We're working with some hardware partners to bring some unique effects to the game," he said, but then went on to add that the console version's not being ignored, even though the UI will need some serious work. "We don't want to dumb down the gameplay, we really want to keep all the stats and playstyles, so we still want it be a powerful console experince"
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Yes, before we get started, the team behind Dungeon Siege 3 are aware of Uwe Boll's Dungeon Siege Tale. But they don't like talking about it. Handy tip: it's not a great conversational opener with Obsidian Entertainment.

I guess if Far Cry can live it down...

Oh Jimmy, you were so funny.

Don't let me down.

From habit he lifts his watch; it shows him its blank face.

Zero hour, Snowman thinks. Time to go.

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Kombo E3 preview

Remember the PC games Dungeon Siege and Dungeon Siege II by Gas Powered Games? Well, they have sold their franchise to beloved RPG developer/published Square Enix, and Square Enix has chosen Obsidian Entertainment to help them develop their first ever Western RPG. The game is still in alpha testing, so we were only able to watch the creators play through a couple of levels, but what we saw looked amazing.


However, the partnership did not want to keep the franchise restricted to the PC as it has been in the past. When the game releases in the first quarter of 2011, it will be available for both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 as well as the PC. As such, they changed up much of the game. It's still an action-RPG, but it features co-op multiplayer for those who wish to play with friends. Those who wish to play alone can still do so with AI partners. In addition, players can jump in and out of co-op/AI play at any point in the game.


One thing the developers continually harped on in their presentation was that they wanted to keep the game focused on action without letting long cut scenes interrupt too much of play. So while the characters are exploring each area, they will talk to one another without stopping the player from exploring or harvesting.


One of the best features of the game is the lack of loading times. The environments are constantly being streamed through, so players can take their characters in and out of different environments seamlessly. This fact alone has me the most intrigued to try it when I can.


If Square Enix and Obsidian continue at the rate they showed us today, then their first WRPG should be a booming success. It's just too bad we have to wait until early 2011 to find out.


4Gamer.net (Japanese) impressions

Google-translated version

SQUARE ENIX USA, and one of his masterpieces of the Western RPG, Dungeon Siege release of the latest series in North America, a little surprising news that June 08 is flowed. I thought perhaps you doubt and this time, again at E3 2010 "Dungeon Siege 3" (PC/PlayStation 3/Xbox 360) made a referral.


Previous work of "Dungeon Siege" and "Dungeon Siege II" developed Chris Taylor, who led his Games Powered Gas is now supervised by the government's response. Actual production "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II" and "Neverwinter Nights 2" and the original IP is less experience in the work of award-winning sequel is being conducted by Obsidian Entertainment.


SQUARE ENIX in the back of the booth, so come from Obsidian's Nathan Davis Associate Producer of the game was going to explain who they are. There are only about five years completely new franchise, a very high interest in foreign media. Unfortunately the screen was taken immediately prohibited, E3 according to the SQUARE ENIX There is also artwork in the context of one of the public, to deliver this simple outline of the E3 show.


Mr. Davis first, SQUARE ENIX and the relationship with Gas Powered Games are going very well said. Especially Taylor creator of the series at Gas Powered Games boss is, so gamers more than anything else, come to offer ideas alone can leave it.


"II" because five years have passed since its release, the improvement of technical and graphics not to mention, but this time, Davis is hitting into the most powerful production and colleagues, "storytelling" and "character" for them.


Western-style RPG to the story of course, but we prefer to lead to type slowly while freely adventure. RPG Japanized contrast, receive what the game to proceed steadily along the storyline. And was not further explained that concentrate on character and storytelling, the more Japanese-made RPG that could take a close approach.


In this work, RPG proprietary engine that is used. The engine has an internal editor tool, and generate dynamic lighting and shadows seem able to get into the game designer looking at the screen. But were presented with the actual gameplay, as far as it has reached a level of graphics now well. In case you are in terms of technology, even if it does not cause loading to go to anywhere in the world, Dungeon Siege series features still stick.


In multiplayer, cooperative mode has been introduced. We're playing to one person, another can join at any time, and also out in whatever. Safe and casual visitor or have been getting phone calls and Mr. Davis says. While a player at his desk, CPU but instead serve as, and even ..... is not, do not feel that the AI gone in person to the minimalist look and it was. Nevertheless, these two controllers in it when you are talking about two players in the same location. Co-op for online is at this stage were not disclosed. Sorry.


"II" after the chaos and division Ehb set in the kingdom, and guardian of the surviving players, challenge the reconstruction of the kingdom that we can get a unique "Dungeon Siege 3". Release in the U.S. and Europe in 2011 has been scheduled. SQUARE ENIX and the Obsidian Become What names latest in a series produced by the title, RPG should not seeping with fan interest. I think the follow-up seems to be coming out soon, look forward to.


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[Off topic]Germany... -_-[/Off Topic]


Germans translation made my stomach hurt but...this is totally incomprehensible... :- O.K. I'll give it a try at least Davis part.
Davis told that relationship among them, Squeare Enix, and Gas Powered Games is going well. Especially, since Talyor, who is the father of this series and the top of the Gas Powered Games, is a gamer than any thing else, he voluntarily offers plenty of ideas.


As five years have already passed since the release of DSII, not to mention the improvements of technical aspect such as graphics, Davis and his team put their emphasis mostly on story-telling and characters in developing the game.


(According to Davis), Western RPGs have their stories, too, but western RPGamers tend to like the stories to lead them loosely, allowing them to explore freely. By contrast, their Japanese counterparts like to enjoy game plays, firmly following fixed story lines.

Davis doesn't seem to have explained further but, I presume that he was trying to tell it was where their non-linear story-telling and memorable NPCs find their places (This is obviously different from the analysis of the original writer but I don't believe he has even decent knowledge about Western RPGs, not to mention CRPGs...).


Read this article, which I came across when reading this interview.

This is not an admonishment - it's a call to action. We wish the language barrier was not so insurmountable that there'd be a chance this message would get back to Level-5, Mistwalker, Square Enix and dozens of other JPRG developers. The message I'm trying to convey is this: playing a linear, largely un-participatory story carries less interest than it used to in the West, and in order to better compete on the other side of the Pacific (if that is a priority at all), they must evolve. The choice is yours Japan.

Probably, Square Enix had already noticed their winning formula for "RPG" lost its charm and had been wondering what they were lacking. So, who is good at writing non-linear stories in the western RPG developers? Obsidian is one of their answers. Sounds like this partnership came from reconstruction of game industry and marketing mix.


PS Hmmm...now thinking of that, I cannot remember what was the last JPRG I played...IMHO, they are CG movies with TB combat and character advancement systems rather than role-playing games. Chrono Trigger, which is one of Avellone's favorite, was more ambitious with time trip twists in story-line, though. A "strategy RPG," Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together had non-clear-cut good-evil paths in an original fantasy world with historic taste. They were quite old games now and I wonder where these innovations have gone.

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WTH is Morgoth doing there, standing in front of the screen, i thought he hated the game, yet he is there for the first impression!

Reasons why Dungeon Siege is NOT a Diablo clone:

- DS has multicharacter parties.

- DS doesn't have boring pre-defined classes, but the players develop the characters.

- DS has packmules!

- DS has a huge map without any loading bars between areas, even when teleporting!

- DS has 10.000+ spells, and even more items!

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Pretty good interview considering how "secret" the game is at the moment. Feargus says at the end that he's very pleased with the gameplay itself, citing that it's something that Obsidian has been criticized of before. Apparently that was a main focus since the game started development.


That sounds good but I really hope the game will feel like it has a good amount of depth in its gameplay and not turn out to be a "simple" hack'n'slash.

Also, while I think it's good to not suffocate the player with story, I really hope they keep what seems to be developing into a Obsidian golden design rule, having plenty of choice.


He also says early 2011 at the end, not sure if we already knew that.

Listen to my home-made recordings (some original songs, some not): http://www.youtube.c...low=grid&view=0

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Also, while I think it's good to not suffocate the player with story, I really hope they keep what seems to be developing into a Obsidian golden design rule, having plenty of choice.


That (choice and consequence) is actually something I've talked with Josh and Feargus about a lot - I think we're all in agreement that choice and consequence is a core element of our RPGs. As is a good balance between side content quests and critical story quests.


Not to speak for Josh and Fearg too, but I think it's safe to say that those are things that we feel should be pretty much universal to RPGs.

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RPGFan E3 preview

...Based on a new engine, called Onyx, developed in-house at Obsidian, the title will see release for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC platforms. Unlike many titles, which have a "base" platform and is then ported to others, the Onyx engine was crafted from the ground up to be multiplatform. They craft the game using their tools, and "press a button" and the title is ready for multiple platforms. The game was designed with consoles in mind, so the gamepad is the natural control scheme for the title, but Obsidian will be including a mouse-and-keyboard control scheme for the die-hard PC gamers who don't want to sully their hands with a controller...


...Players who want a deep RPG system will have it, as well. Most of it will be focused around loot - the staple of any hack-and-slash, and players will be able to twink to their heart's content. Loot drops in the world and has what it is and what its gold value is spelled out for the player on the ground. Items will be exclusive to each class, so co-op players (of which the number has not been disclosed, our demo featured two-player co-op) won't be fighting over loot. They won't be fighting over bag space, either, as players in co-op will share one inventory, which will be "very large." Each class also features unique animations and abilities beyond the items, so it fosters replayability...

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It feels odd that we're not even getting screenshots, but the same 4 concept art images.

Good point. Especially given that every account of the press-only E3 preview highlights how good the game looks-- it doesn't seem like they'd be withholding screenshots because they need to 'tighten up the graphics on level 3' first.

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I'd like to thank funcroc for posting all these links/info, since it means I don't have to spend time looking them up myself. :lol:)


Also...I think this is the first time I've felt a serious tingle of anticipation/hope/excitement over an upcoming title/project since the announcement of Diablo3. Thanks, Obsidian.


They won't be fighting over bag space, either, as players in co-op will share one inventory, which will be "very large."

I'm confused whether this means each player gets a 'very large' inventory or all players share a 'very large' inventory. A shared stash that all co-op players can access/share is (to me) a strange concept.

“Things are as they are. Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations.” – Alan Watts
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