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E3 first impressions

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So that's it?

They post a blurry photo where you can't really see anything?


At least it's something.

Very nice....uh...magical tree roots! ;)


I await the video/s, whenever they may arrive, with eager anticipation.

“Things are as they are. Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations.” – Alan Watts
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I would really love to see more info about the classes and trees aptitudes.

Well, they've already leaked one of the tree's aptitutes: glowing roots.




If Squeenix knows what they're doing, they'll put the important revelations of game details like classes, abilities, enemies, barebones plot outlines, mule romances, etc., on a slow drip until the hype machine is ready to kick into overdrive a month or two before release.



Also, in appreciation of funcroc's efforts here and elsewhere, I offer

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IGN E3 preview


Dungeon Siege started as Gas Powered Games' franchise. But with the third entry in the series, Obsidian Entertainment, the studio behind Neverwinter Nights 2, Alpha Protocol, and the upcoming Fallout: New Vegas is taking control. At E3 2010 we got a chance to see a first look of the game, as Obsidian presented a polished demo section that showed off a few different environments, character classes, and a few combat sections.


Like previous games in the series, the game is being built as an action-RPG. With swords and spells you'll hack apart spiders and fish monsters. They'll spill loot all over the ground when they die which you'll pick up and equip if it's useful. The pieces of gear come with statistical bonuses, and can also be pulled out of treasure chests in the game's dungeons. Obsidian is saying there'll be no loading times as you transition between environments, letting you move from verdant forests to dark dungeons to dusty crypts.


The visuals in the demo were particularly impressive, with smooth animation and nice lighting effects. In terms of actual play, shown off were two character classes, the Guardian and the Archon. The Guardian is more of a melee class with bulky armor and a sword, and can switch between two stances. In one, the class can attack swiftly and do high damage to single targets. By swapping stances you'll swing more slowly and forcefully, which works better for controlling crowds and hacking away at groups of foes. A number of special abilities can also be triggered, including area of effect attacks and charge dashes that can knock enemies across the screen and off cliffs. While this is going on, the Archon sits back and lobs spells.


As should be familiar to role-playing fans, you can customize each class with skill sets spread across three skill trees. While Obsidian wasn't yet talking about other character classes, it was mentioned that no class will share any of the same things, which includes animations, equippable items, and abilities, which the aim of creating classes that feel and look diverse.


A big feature of the game will be its cooperative play, shown off during the demo as a drop-in, drop-out variation. There will be many more multiplayer modes in the game, but initially Obsidian is just highlighting the ability for a second player to drop into the game at any time. Since the primary character will have an AI companion running around, the second player can just immediately take control of that second player to make it easy to play with another. The specifics of how this all works are still being worked out, so we expect to get more details in the future. In the demo all the action led into a boss fight against a towering demo character who hacked away at the characters and summoned skeletons to support his attack. If a character happens to lose all health, they can be revived in a flash if a teammate moves next to their body.


While there will be dialogue sequences where players can make a choice about how to proceed through the story, it sounds like the focus will be on the action. The brief demo looked good, so those looking for a pretty loot hunting experience should keep their eyes on this, which is scheduled for a multiplatform release in 2011.

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From what was shown of Dungeon Siege III behind closed doors at E3, it is simply looking amazing. The third-person action-RPG looks stunning: from the subtle details of fish swimming in ponds to the distant towns on the horizon, Dungeon Siege III is full of ambient, rich and colorful environments that all load in seamlessly (no loading time seen from outside world to cavernous depths!). The lighting looked particularly spectacular.


This quote got me really excited. The game is looking amazing... I love Onyx :(

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Gamestar.de first impressions


Google-translated version

Dungeon Siege 3 - E3 2010: first impression of the fair

The developer Obsidian has presented us with at E3, the action-RPG Dungeon Siege third


Dungeon Siege 3 At the E3 version of the publisher Square Enix showed us the developer Obsidian (Neverwinter Nights 2, Alpha Protocol) is the current version of the action RPG Dungeon Siege 3. This one takes a hero in the fight against hordes of monsters to chaos in a sunken kingdom to save. Moment: just a hero? In the predecessors, but we steered a group! In Dungeon Siege 3 stretching but also to join the companion in the mode, however, the computer will automatically and directed solo fight. How many of these helpers you can take is not yet clear.


The Sting enter: In the multiplayer mode Can other players in current games and take on the AI companion. Who is tired of rising, just out again, so that the AI takes control again. That sounds quite nice for in between, but it cedes the central engine of a role-motivation: the identification with their own heroes. Finally, take the AI companion not with in the next game.


During the presentation, the developers manage their heroes with the gamepad, because Dungeon Siege 3 is next to the PC for the Xbox 360 and Playstation developed third We assume, however, that one of the heroes on the PC with keyboard and mouse to steer. How wars hacks with the all-round shock (for groups) and overhead strokes (for a single opponent) by the monster hordes. With his companion, a warrior mage, he also mastered combo attacks. For example, he draws opponents to a group, and the lady mittenrein jumps to dissect the critters. So perish any combination classes offer special combos.


Unusually for an action-RPG: The story tells Dungeon Siege 3 with dialogues in which one can choose multiple answers between. The course of action is the big but not influence, in addition the discussions simple knit anyway. Incidentally, although Dungeon Siege 3 more by Powered Games, makers of the predecessor, will be developed gas not know whose boss Chris Taylor works at least accompany the advice. We hope nevertheless that the level of difficulty on an interactive screen saver goes this time.

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InsideGamer.nl first impressions


Google-translated version

In this action-RPG, the emphasis on a deep story that has many ramifications. The many side-tracks which to walk, are very important choices. How do you deal with characters and what quests are you going to do? Through a comprehensive dialog system that has more branches than the Nile delta, you can thus determine the course of your story.


In order to better programming, Obsidian has developed a proprietary engine. This engine takes a lot less time to the many ramifications in talks to program. Moreover, they made the engine so that an overview of the overall picture is preserved. The effects are obviously not to judge during a presentation, but the Lords of Obsidian, this engine is paying twice over.


Another point where the new engine ensures that all without loading times being portrayed. Wherever you walk, there are no loading times. During the presentations, we walked through a dungeon (surprisingly) fell while at how smooth everything has been mapped. No glitches, a nice sense of depth in the cave and enemies through over the top ragdoll physics quite shaken when you slap them together. That combined with a menu structure that focuses on rapid selection should ensure that Dungeon Siege III is fast and action-.


The dungeons you go through by yourself, what happened with Lucas in the presentation to the Guardian, but can also connect you with someone else. Lucas was first helped by a computerized woman with a flaming kick, therefore I have renamed the "flaming kick chick". A little later, one of the Lords of Obsidian control over what happens with a drop-in/drop-out-systeem. So if you just want to get a coke during the game, you just switch the computer services and five minutes later himself go.


The demo introduces Luke and flaming kick the chick Drakomir impressive. This boss, like all other major villains, his own unique skills. Thus, a set of skeletons Drakomir calls itself and then disappear. To Lucas and the flaming kick chick to first finish the skeletons and then Drakomir in heels. Therefore they have a choice of two weapons, one heavy and one light attack possible. By quickly switch you can adjust your strategy to the combat situation. With the ability to quickly switch Obsidian hopes to encourage players to attack all types of mixed use.


The deep dialogue and strategic action based on the demo is not to judge, but one thing was clear presentation. The new engine that uses Dungeon Siege III shows everything very smooth and I am most impressed with. With the technology behind the game seems in any case mustache to sit, so the signs of a comeback honorable Dungeon Siege are good.

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