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Neverwinter Nights: Darkness over Daggerford


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Q: Can you tell us about your module?


A: Darkness over Daggerford (a former Premium Module) is a single player adventure for level 8 players set in and around the classic D&D setting of the town of Daggerford, along the Sword Coast.


There were two primary goals for Darkness over Daggerford. The first was to recreate some of the Baldur's Gate experience that so many fans loved in BG1 and BG2: a world map, a large world to explore, beautiful exterior areas filled with unique quests and NPCs, and a stronghold. My passion for Baldur's Gate was what brought me to work at BioWare in the first place, so recreating this "feel" to a certain degree was the most important thing. We managed to accomplish exactly what we set out to do with this.


The second goal was to make this the biggest and best Premium Module ever. Aside from the fact that now Daggerford won't be released as a Premium Module, I think we succeeded extremely well on this point. As one of our beta testers recently put it after 20 hours of play-testing, "This thing is huge." With an estimated completion time of 25-30 hours, almost 200,000 words of dialogue, 15 areas to travel to on the world map, and some 30 sidequests, it's hard to call this a normal module anymore, as it's more on par with the size of adventure you'd find in an expansion! The Hordes of the Underdark expansion, by comparison, was a 20+ hour adventure with roughly 220,000 words of dialogue.




This ought to be a good warm up for NWN2. :cool:

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What are you talking about Hades? Its a fanmade module, BioWare was going to sell it through thei premium system but thats all they had to do with it

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Doesn't change the fact that there is a lot of material from their previous games that should have been in Neverwinter Nights in the first place. Like I said, too little too late. Its just too sad that the fanbase had to do Bioware's work for them to make NWN close to a worthwhile game.


Bah, I am griping over old issues. I just can't wait for the better NWN game in October.

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"Its just too sad that the fanbase had to do Bioware's work for them to make NWN close to a worthwhile game."


Nonsense. The fanbase deserves NO credit for NWN's 'worth'. If it wasn't for BIO's solid work on NWN; it would have been just a POR2 or TOEE.


long live bio!


die fans die!


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Is Hades actually complaining about a free module, that has what he asks for in a module (ie. decent length)? :blink:


Seriously, dude, I'd hate to be someone who buys you a present. "Yeah, so what, you bought me a Porsche. I wanted a Ferrari, so I'm going to be all crotchety that you didn't get me a Ferrari."

"Console exclusive is such a harsh word." - Darque

"Console exclusive is two words Darque." - Nartwak (in response to Darque's observation)

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I could always use something else to tide me over...I'll have to give this a try.

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- Herman Goering at the Nuremberg trials


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"Porsches are a waste of time because they can't climb or jump."


They can jump. You just need to go really fast and have a 45 degree incline. :D


Lare, I am excited but not overly excited, nor am I giving into the hype unlike I did with NWN 1. I am expecting a good CRPG with a dated physics and game engine with an up to date graphics engine patched on top. Nothing to hype about but with the lacking of CRPGs it is still something I am looking forward to.


Just because I am critical on a few elements on a game does not mean I don't or will not like it. Unlike you I look at the bad along with the good instead of having a constant rose tinted spectacles on. :blink:


Also if someone was to give me a Porche I would not complain. I would take it to a car dealership, sell it, and get a more up to date computer.

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"Has anyone given it a try yet? Volourn?"


I've downlaoded it. Haven't had a real chance to play it yet - just make my character.


F4/R4, will be multiclassed into WM later on..


The opening was kinda cool. Nothing really special; but better than most modules for sure. <>

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oooh... bad timing for me though. i'm in the throes of picking a dissertation topic and another game to play is NOT what i need right now. so far, i've found about 2 or 3 fanmade mods that were worthwhile, though they all lack the polish of a real AAA game. definitely more fun than the OC, however.


the latest i've played was a ravenloft mod. actually, i'm not sure if i ever finished it or not... hmmm.



comrade taks... just because.

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