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morrowind okay guys.....ive done most of the quests and stuff on morrowind and its getting kinda boring does anyone know anything to make the game more interesting. i also want to know where u can get the green axe that the skeleton is holding at the beginning of the game where they show a bunch of the monsters... please help me.....PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and also does anyone know about what website you can go to to get a map of all of morrowind.

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One of the more hypnotizing sigs, Lyr...

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- Everlast

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I suggest starting a new game, or dowload some mods, like airships and free sailing. Total conversions perhaps? Do you have the expansion packs Bloodmoon and Tribunal? Try those.


That green axe is a glass axe. You can probably find those at Ghostgate or the Telvannni settlements. Dunmer fortresses rank also pretty highly, I've found full glass armor there a few times.

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One word : MODS.


Hey you can even get lightsabers if you want. Or play as a Predator hunting Aliens.


You could also play around with the construction set. It's quite easy to use even if you don't know anything about scripting.


You can start new games with different types of characters, like making a super stealth thief and go into Dagoth Ur really early. All you need is an invisibility item...

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