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  1. hmmm...well i wasnt much into the pazaak portion of the game...but r u sure u tried EVERY canister/store/random people walking by?
  2. im sorry....but that was just stupid...theres no way lol...
  3. You know you've played to much star wars when....You go on ebay and try to buy a lightsaber.
  4. soooo. basically. i think JKA is better then KOTOR because of the combat system. but on the other hand KOTOR has more varieties in the force abilitys and the combat style. what do you guys think?
  5. ive tried the whole morrowind and oblivion thing.but i just didnt get it. ive only really been able to make maps for star wars jedi academy. but thx for the sites. ill give em a look.
  6. okay well basically. Im a 13 year old boy who loves games.I can already make maps and such for some of my multiplayer games. I think it would be really cool if i could learn how to make games and put stuff on the market. I was just wondering. What should i do? Are there websites or something that can help me reach my goal of becoming a game designer/maker or whatever. basically i am asking for some help, websites, advice, things to help me become successful in the world of gaming.
  7. my friend has the same prob........and he fixed it by just not playing the game
  8. i 100% agree with both of you!
  9. COD 2 ROCKS!!!! okay i was just bored so i thought that i might see what your take on COD 2 is
  10. lol NO!! the combat system in JKA is better....kotor here are sometimes where u attack and they do have any movments or reactions to it.
  11. you used it on the pylons.....thats not smart...i didnt.....i used on speeder...but no worries the speeder doesnt do anything u really need...
  12. no...pazaak rox......i think they should make pazaak cards
  13. yes and i think that in kotor its lame that sometimes when u attack the opponet doesnt even have any effect.....and JKA beat kotor in most ways :D
  14. okay, I dont know if this goes here but im having trouble with modview. As you probably know im the kid that really REALLY wants to get into game graphics design. Well, I got modview to make my own models and stuff for JKA. With my luck IT WONT WORK! Everytime i try to put a model in modview a window pops up. The window says the file path then "exceeds MAX_QPATH" and doesnt show the model. I've looked it up online and I've asked almost everyone i know and they can never help. So if anyone knows whats wrong or they have had the problem and they fixed it. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. well i thought JKA was a good game...and i agree that the stupid space suit looking things were very very gay. Also multiplayer donts suck if u get good at the game its not just hacking with ur saber and spaming force powers..
  17. everyone.....in kotor 1 revan asks that at begining...he said he wasnt in the council on corusant.....because that was the high council.....
  19. kamahama.????......thats dragonball Z and these r for a clan..and my name is stealth in the clan so i have to have the name stealth in it
  20. i didnt read all the post but i didnt change if cuz i deleted the other file n accedent so....i dont have it anymore...but heres a new one i made how do u guys like this one?
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