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  1. I loved Manaan in K1, It was big, had lots and lots of side quests (Bounty Hunter! yay!) and the underwater facility was creepy as hell. That planet had everything IMO. What I hate about K2 is the fact that you start as a Jedi and after the beginning planets you end up at ... No suprise there. The only planet who where a little fun in K2 is Onderon. (Big ass fight^^)
  2. I've got a edge uppgrade for my Lightsaber that only has the "Keen" ability, Now my question to you... what the **** does that do? I've searched everywhere but could find any description of it. Please help
  3. What i meant was that, for example, flurry only had one animation in K1. In K2 there were 3 different animations for flurry. And yes, i have equiped the blasters while running a few times. Looks cool, but equipping two melee weapons while running looks even cooler. ah, no... i think it was only one animation for every aspect of combat in K1. running and drawing duoble lightsabers are even cooler then melee weapons.
  4. You all seems to forget the fact that (If LS) Malak uses the
  5. Yes I have, And (Xbox version) pressing "Y" while running is pretty cool. Western style tricks with blasters altough nothing beats two lightsabers "sheated" and then pressing "Y"
  6. Lightsaber fights are really cool in KotOR 1 and 2, But blaster vs. blaster gets kinda boring after a while
  7. I think Sion says that "As long the Force exists I will" Or something like that, But I'm not sure. I could be wrong but I'm close to finsishing KII a second time, so I'll listen more carefully
  8. Okey, thats just mean. Firing the Death Star on a Ship! Truly the Empire would never sink that low? And Shadows of the Empire Is one of the Greatest game made in the SW universe
  9. Come on! What's cooler then a Sith Lord that is so powerfull that his power "eats" peaple in his present? Or that he could destroy planets only using the force. Sion is just a bald-headed **** with the power to revive himself and Sion don't even use the Force! Go Nihilius! Boo Sion!
  10. First off: I'm new to this site, so any odd post from me... ignore them Single Hilt Viridian Light Handmaiden Telos I would give it a 8.7 of 10. Mostly becuse of the open end (But that's probably me )
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