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  1. ya i agree i thought fable was a waste of time....but again it only took me about 15 for 2 and 20 for 1
  2. if it was scratched up, why didnt u take it back and replace it???
  3. okay...ive seen on other websites that in uthar's room on korriban there is a holocron of bastila. first i want to know where the bombs to open the door are and, i want to know how to blow open the door without blowing up the holocon. it would be VERY helpful if someone could tell me.
  4. no no no u find the fixture in a little animal u kill on that little moon orbaiting the planet closest to the peragus mining planet the u blow up!!
  5. lol thanks to the people that helped me. :D
  6. okay i think that atton is more like han solo.......i also think that revan is more like anakin....but the other way around instead of being on the light side and goin to the dark side.....he went from the dark side to light.....and i also think that the handmaiden is like padme'......but i think that most of the characters from KOTOR 2 have their own charecteristics.....or how ever u spell it
  7. okay guys this may be a weird post, but i need to know if having an account on this website costs money???? because if it does i need to cancel my account!!!!
  8. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT BELIEVE U GUYS!!! OF COURSE A SITH LORD CAN BE A WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because most of the time a sith lord women is a hot sithlord women. lol.....im just tellin it staright up
  9. lol it only took me about 15 hours.....the first one took me like 20 tho
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