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    im just informin the people who dont know
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    THE PS3 IS COMIN OUT!!!!!!! its expected to come out around november(perfect timing for christmas). lol. there will only be about 4games out for it one release day... this is all ive been hearing about in magazines and stuff...but i also heard that there will be a BLUE TOOTH device installed in it, A TOP OF THE LINE DVD PLAYER, and OF COURSE ALL THE GOOD STUFF THE 360 has....but i also heard that because of all the goodies they give you in this system it was 800$ for each console.. lucky for us they're being sold for about 400$.!~!~!~!~!.......i also heard that they wont even make a cord contoler...ALL OF THE CONTROLERS WILL BE CORDLESS...... lol i cant wait
  3. i like the exile because like youve said earlier he can go and be more powerful than revan can :D COME SEE DRIVER 3 FORUM
  4. i wasnt i was just sayin that the description basacally said to talk about diffrent games
  5. kk i need help with morrowind...LIKE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. no i didnt read the description under the forum name
  7. morrowind okay guys.....ive done most of the quests and stuff on morrowind and its getting kinda boring does anyone know anything to make the game more interesting. i also want to know where u can get the green axe that the skeleton is holding at the beginning of the game where they show a bunch of the monsters... please help me.....PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and also does anyone know about what website you can go to to get a map of all of morrowind.
  8. okay thx rokor's server is the name of the server for star wars battlefront 2
  9. wats ur name on star wars battlefront 2??? and do u have gamespy???
  10. how did u do that website slideshow thing and do u play battlefront 2 or call of duty 2??
  11. BATTLEFRONT 2 ROCKS!!!!! okay guys i am like a total battlefront 2 fan....if u really really really like it like i do and u play online, come to my server. its called rokor's server...and add me to your gamespy account.....(buddy list).i can also teach u about glitches u dont know about...also if u like call fo duty 2 find me....my name is sniper_op_135. find me!! :D
  12. i think that for the next game there sound be a planet where evil little munchkins fly from the sky and kill everyone and then u have to defeat them...then u have to jump off a cliff in order to win the level but if u jump at the wrong angel u blow up into a million little peices
  13. k guys thx...this has notin to do with the starting question but how do u take screenshots in KOTOR 2
  14. ooooo well that makes so much more sense
  15. i picked the disiple when i played as a chick. one, its a lot faster to get him to become a jedi. and two, he has a cooler hair doo. but as a guy i agree with the handmaiden, (i also like to train with her)
  16. okay i know where to get the charges, but i want to know how i can make revan on the dark side. does it have to do with the first game??
  17. i did read the first post but when he first opened it and saw it was scratched up why didnt he take it bak and not give his mom the time
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