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  1. Yeah but it worked before, I don't see why it would work for a week and then when I put it back in after it was removed for a day it wouldn't. Also I only have this problem with NWN and KOTOR 2 every other games works perfectly.
  2. Well it all started when I got a new graphics card, I was running the game with no problems (except for the blue screen of death, but that problem was resolved), but I tried switching graphics cards (in an attempt to halt the aforementioned blue screen of death). I had recently landed on Telos, later that day I switched graphics cards. When I tried to play the game (as well as NWN) I just get a black screen after the it shows the company names. So I switched back to my other graphics card (the one I mentioned at the start of this post and I still get the black screen. I have tried reinstalling and updating but the black screen just comes back. Any suggestions? By the way I am using well over the recommended hardware.
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