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Best of infinitity.


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A Decade came and went in a universe without two-handed axes, which ones were your favorites, judgeing their standard when they came out and setting aside that they are all quite dated now.



1. Planescape Torment.

A winner in my book because of strong characterisation, a ripping soundtrack, and an original story.


2. Shaddows of Amn.

Spawned a whole culture of modders. Lagest in scale.


3. Tales of the sword coast.

Not very large for an add on, but it's more than made up for in quality.


4. Throne of Bhaal.

Sarevok reborn. The underdark. Nuff said.


5. Baldur's Gate.

The original. When it came out;, the best CRPGshad ever looked like. Involving story.


6 Icewind Dale

Strong 1st half of the game, the rest less impressive.


7.Trials of the Luremaster. Dungeon reminiscent of Tales of the Sword coast



Icewind Dale 2. Not enough time and money and it shows. Or perhaps its just that Infinity was looking too over the hill by now.



I believe there was also some console only con****tion that most people didnt like, Haven't played it though.

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I actually never really paid attention to levels in BG, BG2, or PS:T. I just played the game through and levelled as the story progressed. I was way underpowered when I got to the final battle in BG, but I prevailed eventually.


NWN was the first game that made me cognizant of levelling. I'm not sure that's a good thing. I'd rather it be a second hand thing...something that lies under the surface of progressing the story and getting neat gear.

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OK, here goes:


1) Icewind Dale + Heart of Winter + Trials of the Luremaster

Never has a package entertained me more than this. Great atmosphere and perfect mixture of hack'n slash and story-driven RPG and just pure fun. Trials of the Luremaster was absolutely excellent.


2) Planescape: Torment

No, it's not because I've worked on the german version of the game. Great story, wonderful characters and a complexity that's sorely missed in todays RPG's.


3) Baldur's Gate 2 + Throne of Bhaal

Everything Baldur's Gate should have been. While the story was a bit meh, the overall atmosphere did it for me.


4) Icewind Dale 2

Again, great atmosphere and a good blend of fighting, puzzles and story-driven elements, although the story was a bit uninvolving.


5) Baldur's Gate + Tales of the Sword Coast

Poor storyline which was poorly executed, too much fighting if you compare it to the relatively thin story, lots of exploration, flawed, but still entertaining enough and lots of replay value.

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I'm a big Planescape fan, and I really love PS:T, but... I still think I enjoyed Baldur's Gate 2 more. Both games have excellent soundtracks.


Icewind Dale had a great beginning, but deflated soon afterwards. I played through Heart of Winter and didn't find it particularly satisfying (not a dungeon crawling fan so meh).


Icewind Dale 2 was probably the best infinity game for multiplayer. The 3rd edition rules were well implemented and character customisation was, dare I say it, fun. Singleplayer was pretty dull though. Had that fan mod feel to it.


The original Baldur's Gate was a solid game imho, but severely limited replayibility. The entire game just became a small prologue when the 2nd one came out (I felt the same way about Fallout and Fallout 2).


Throne of Bhaal was a suprisingly good and fitting ending considering the circumstances of its development.

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Well, technical wise, IWD2 is the best.



Oh? How so?

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I can't remember anything at all about Heart of Winter. I must have played it though, it's on the shelf.

You started in some barrows killing drowned zombies, then you killed a frost dragon. That was pretty much it.

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1. BG1 + TotSC*

Had a large, largely explorable, and consistently presented world with things to be found, a good bit of history, and colourful NPCs. Had an engaging story that had a few "whazzat?" moments (Nashkel Mines, Iron Ore Disruption Scheme, etc), but which was still "present" enough to drive the game forward if I was willing to overlook certain things. And Durlag's Tower. That place kicked butt.


2. BG2 - SoA*

Joinable NPCs. Romances were a little odd, but still a highlight. Tons and tons of combat. And SPELL combat. Big game. Lots of interesting dungeons... little bit disjointed at times, though; flipped from Egyptian to Gothic. Distracting. Flashes of brilliance, I'd say, with the Ust Natha (setting, quests, and intrigue), even though Drow were never my favourite society. Good villain. Sarevok was good, too, but I just like Irencius better, despite his whole "bondage" fashion sense. Greater replayability than BG1, and only one "WFT" moment when I went to hunt down Bodhi in Chapter 6 and it somehow took me 12 hours to make my way from the Slums to the Graveyard, conveniently allowing the sun time to set so she could surprise me in ambush. I hate it when they do things like that.


3. IWD + HoW + TotLM

All told, a fine game. Second most memorable NPCs of the group, by a wide margin. Best items, too, with the descriptions. Better quality artwork. A little too hack n' slashy, a little too "straight and narrow" through the game, but a few really good dungeons in that one, too. Top notch dungeon crawl.


4. Torment.

Wonderfully developed joinable NPCs in most cases (FFG was a little thin). Ravel... two thumbs up for Ravel. Combat, though, when I wanted to fight it up, didn't provide nearly the same level of engagement as BG2's, and the spells were... cumbersome at best, a waste of time at worst. Spectacular, but unwieldy... was afeared for my monitor when playing a mage, switching video modes with those movies so frequently. Setting wasn't to my taste -- too "gritty" -- but the way it was conveyed worked well enough. Don't mind "reading" my way through games in the slightest, but it could have been tightened up in places. A little too heavy on the "freshman philosophy" at times, but considering the visceral nature of most games, I'll take it. Gladly. Found it to be the buggiest of the IE games.... wish they could've found time to complete the last third of the game. Never really did like the radial interface they used. Very interesting concept, questionable execution. Unmatched in certain aspects, easily surpassed in others. Overall? Middle of the pack.


5. IWD2

Best first chapter in any of the IE games. Went downhill from there. And down... and then down some more... bumped up a notch... back down... then up... down....


Inconsistent offering. Good battles, some really memorable ones, too.. loved the implementation of Mordenkainen's Sword that it had. Again, good items, still like the artwork, the portraits especially. A little too rigid, though, in terms of when you level up. Party of Six needs to pretty much have a dedicated thief in order to really have a chance at some of those traps, not much room to spread the skill points around. Spells too closely rationed. Last fight was a b*tch on HoF, hated the fact that you couldn't save between round 1 and round 2 on any difficulty setting. Love-hate relationship with Puzzles, loved the customizable interface. Best icons of any IE game. Liked the character creation and level-up options in this game the best, too. Subraces, subclasses... neat-o.


6. ToB.

Too high-level. Too cheesy. Too combat-heavy. A few interesting items but went overboard with the "upgrading" concept. Felt rushed, should've ditched WK and added a bit more meat into the main storyline, instead of having half the expansion have nothing to do with anything. Likely wouldn't have even mentioned this one except for the Wild Mage. Best class ever. Oh, and Angurvadel (original version). Finally a decent longsword!



*Interchangeable, really. Both great games and the best of the IE bunch, IMO.

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I should load up BG2 again some day. It's been a long time.


I'll put it at the end of the queue, involving HOI2, and Rome: Total War. Unfortunately, both those games can take up months of my time, and my "break" from Civ4 can end at any time. I could probably squeeze in some time around 2008

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1 Baldur's Gate with ToSC

It's the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. Nothing beats this IE classic.


2 Baldur's Gate 2 SoA

Great story, excellent romances. More games need to at this game for the proper way of doing romances.


3 Icewind Dale

Excellent soundtrack, good story and good graphics, be it areas, animations or spell effects.


4 Icewind Dale 2

It's good


5 BG2 ToB

It's good for ending the whole story. This may sound strange from a power gamer, but the items, weapons you find are just too overkill.


There is no PST on my list, it sucks.

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In terms of overall and which ones I've played the most:


1- Baldurs Gate 2 (including ToB)

2- Baldurs Gate 1 (TotSC)

3- Planescape: Torment

4- Icewind Dale 1

5- Icewind Dale 2

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