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Bastila Shan

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This thread isn't a poll or anything lame, but it isnt any thing special

I just htought of someone who would play a good bastila...at least reminded me of her.


If any of you have watched the show Nip/Tuck, it's the dark haired lady who plays the Detective in the slasher case. British accent too....


reminds me of a perfect (hypothetical) actress to play bastila.


and she's hot as hell.

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Thank you, Captain Obvious. Bastila's always been hot, and never will stop being hot.


But it's always good to see another fan appreciate her.


And yes, I know she's not a real person. So no "omg u losas she ant realz1!!!11" kinda posts.



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Indeed, but I would say she's about a decade too ... no wait, howabout this role would have been better suited for her a decade ago. But she is still a goddess.


I'm talking about Jennifer Connelly.

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Some of the more commonly mentioned names that have been floating are Kate Beckinsdale, Rachel Weisz, Jennifer Hale herself and Keira Knightly. Ofcourse there are definitely others as mentioned.


I would say Kate Beckinsale is closest (the Underworld look she had reminds of the Bastila artwork where she has her hair down), Rachel Weisz second. Jennifer Hale would obviously have the closest (exact) voice but I don't think she looks as close to Bastila as the others.


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Beckinsale has way too small boobs to be ever considered Bastila. And she has a rat like face. :x


In fact there's no actress in the world that could match Bastila's beauty :rolleyes:


Nur Ab Sal was one such king. He it was, say the wise men of Egypt, who first put men in the colossus, making many freaks

of nature at times when the celestial spheres were well aligned.



This I doubt. We are hearing a child's tale.

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Bastila :blink:


Only Kate Beckinsale could pull it off.

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Ah, the midnight air must have been filled with thoots and cajowls of the elusive species of 'fanboii' back then.

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In fact there's no actress in the world that could match Bastila's beauty o:)


Yes, you have a point. It is no like we are we are ever going to see an actress playing Bastila(at least until Lucasfilm understand KotOr won't such a bad choice for continuing Star Wars). Still, it is good to imagine. >_<:lol:

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I read up somewhere recently that Bastila's appearance was modelled off Jennider Hale - as the pic Gabrielle posted shows there is a similar look - I think Jennifer would be an ideal choice - perhaps a slightly younger Jennifer Hale though :nuke:

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I would agree with Sentry -- Monica Bellucci would be excellent. Perhaps just a slightly younger Monica. But it really is all in the voice, isn't? The pixels that comprise Bastila in the game would'nt have such a following if it wasn't for the voice that Hale provided. Absolutely entrancing.

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