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  1. Ya, the early version of the Essential guide, as well as, LucasArt's 'Chronicles' state that the fate of Sadow is "unknown". BUT, I thought he would make a really cool bad guy for KOTOR:3, so I looked him up in the new version of the guide. Unfortunately it definitely says that he was killed by Nadd. Of course, their is enough ambiguity in the source material (ie. the comics) that this could probably be changed by a game developer who asked LucasArts very nicely
  2. I think the point here is that while Exar Kun and his followers were not "true Sith", they did have a connection to them due to Exar Kun's association with the legacies/spiritis of Freedon Nadd and Naga Sadow during his rise to Dark Lord. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It is interesting that they added that passage though. The only reason I can see why they would have done it is to create room for a nemisis for KOTOR3 :D Though judging from the sparse (and just plain incorrect) TSL entries within the New Essential Chronology, I think the new version of the book must have been written
  3. The Leviathan and the Ravager are both continuity mistakes that fans (and starwars.com) have tried to rationalize... In the game, it was heavily implied that ships that looked like the Leviathon where of Rakatan design, but then that annoying Carth quote cropped up and messed up the continuity. So now the Leviathan class ship is a Republic design, even though it looks nothing like any other Republic design. <fanboy>In fact it looks like a Mon Calamari cruiser from the rebel alliance more than anything else </fanboy> Oh, and the ravager model IS a star destroyer peo
  4. Yes, the remnants of the original Sith race/empire manipulated the Mandalorians into attacking the Republic in order to weaken it. K1 and K2 agree on that point... On another note, I was reading through the New Essential Chronology in the book store today, just to see what it had to say about KOTOR (I only have the old version) and I noticed that a certain passage had been changed. After it describes the defeat of Exar Kun on Yavin 4 during the Sith War, there is a rather obscure passage saying that the 'remnants of the sith forces' fled to the edges of the ancient Sith empire... Inter
  5. T3 pretty much states in his convo's that he was sent by Revan to "find help". I interpret this to mean that he (it?) was ordered to find the Exile. As for the rest of the plot, it is impossible to say how much aid Revan gave the Exile in his/her campaign against the Sith Lords...
  6. Not sure I want to wade into this inane topic, but... There is no 'Ultimate Sith Lord' What the heck does it mean to be an "Ultimate Sith Lord" anyway? If there where such a person, it would be either: 1) Vader 2) Palpatine/Sidious Or 3) Exar Kun Yes, Revan is a genius, but so was Sidious and he was more effective, if a little less brazen. Yes, Revan is powerful, but Exar kun [and most other ancient Sith Lords], Vader, Luke, and (probably) Palpatine eclipse Revan in terms of pure force potential. And most of the Jedi listed above have a greater knowledge of the f
  7. use the search function... This has been covered numerous times before
  8. Interesting... The writer actually confirmed that there will be at least one more game in the series It seems as though the story is going to be during the time period of the Mandalorian wars. That means that Revan has to be mentioned and/or active within the storyline. Looks like Revan, and maybe the Exile, will finally become part of the "so called" Star Wars Canon Personally, I hope they avoid both characters because their appearance and gender will inevitably be wrong I bet that LucasArts has delayed the sequel so that this comic book can fill in some of the plot hol
  9. Wow, that poster is sweet (w00t) Thanx for sharin it! PS: hello all! I haven't posted for two months or so... I've been busy with other things
  10. Ya, I guess Obsidian assumed that you had played the first game...
  11. Have you checked disk 3? Is it dirty? scratched? The disc could have been corrupeted in any of a dozen ways...
  12. err, dark horse made kotor in a way, they think of everything before. without them, their wouldnt even be a kotor <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Actually Kevin J. Anderson ( ) wrote the story arc for the earliest Dark Horse Comics...
  13. Hmm... Actually the Mandalorians remind me most of the Japanese wartime culture circa WW2... EDIT: Oops someone got there before me " guess I should have read the entire thread before posting... :D
  14. There fixed it... Here is the old one: Its ugly because its a transparent gif with a black matte...
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