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  1. Time for an update then! First one of Visas (ZOMG, I'm drawing TSL characters!) There's that time on Dxun when you send one of your party members to lead a team into the Sith tomb. I often send Visas. And then of course at the end you're confronted by three Sith...er...dudes, who try to convince you of the benefits of joining the DarK Side. I often thought that a stupid thing to say to Visas... So, technically in that theme, I did this one - "The Dark Side? I've been there, do your worst." Good old Kyle Katarn quote of course... Second one of the Handmaiden - silly picture and silly premise, but oh well. A man from the Telosian Planetary Water Company pays a visit Hope you all likes
  2. I've done some more work on the model - rescaled some of it - but much of the work I've done since is texturing Not quite complete - I need to do the "wings" and the bridge - and then I want to add some turrets
  3. Ah no, it's a render from 3ds Max - I made the model - Max did the lighting and shading And no it isn't actually a Victory class - it's something a little more close to home (around here I mean) Of course, the ultimate answer to the question is "Well it's supposed to be..." "
  4. Personally I really like the look of how it turned out - even with the crappy scanner black line doodad Have to say though, you used Photoshop for 30 days and used Curves while I've been using it for nearly 3 years and still haven't figured them out I've been doing some modelling recently - tried my hand at something rather ambitious. Tell me what you think (and if you recognise it of course)
  5. Cheers for all the comments Love the tatto Purgatorio, I'm happy I could help you in the right direction program wise. Look's smashing - how did you do that exactly?
  6. That'll be me then. Sorry I'm not here more often - I'm much less productive than I was last year I guess But I do have some for you. First of all - my entry for the most recent KFM challenge (very nearly took 3rd place) - split into four parts: Panel 1 Panel 2 Panel 3 Panel 4 Also on KFM, there is a thread debating the does and don't and the points in between concerning basically everything in writing about Star Wars - including various Force Powers and it basically inspired me into this one: Force Wave! I've also got some Futurama pics done: The first two are concepts of two original characters a good friend of mine has created for his own Futurama fanfics. Angela Lucy Then we have two of Leela Leela with a lightsaber! (Again!) Leela in Revan's robes -Amibka, a KFM member asked me whether the previous picture was effectively Leela in Revan's armour - I said no, explained that I had done one of Leela as Revan before - but I decided to do this as well. And one of Fry Don't ask... A strange idea came into my head while watching an advert the other day, and I strangely decided to act upon the impluse. But yeah, like I say, don't ask... Finally moving mostly back towards KOTOR - here's one of "Juhani" - or humanised Juhani. It's got some blood in it, so I thought best I warn you. Some red on you (probably a really imappropriate title - sorry) Hope you all likes and thanks for the comments everyone. Can't say for sure how soon I can come back with some more, but we'll see. I am admittedly also concerned about the lack of the other artists here.
  7. Cheers for the comments Thought I'd share the piece that was SUPPOSED to be my entry for the latest KFM contest, only I left it last minute. And also misread which US time zone they wanted it done by, so I was two hours out. I am convinced that for the last few months it has been Pacific Time that the deadline has been by (which I thought appropriate, because it makes it a deadline of 12pm GMT) But no, instead it was always Eastern time - which results in a bloody nonsence 10pm GMT deadline - what the hell is all that about? I am convinced it was Pacific time before hand. Must be a conspiracy. I'm sure of it. Bastards. Anyway, enough of that " Hope you likes. It's the Exile BTW, during the Mandie wars.
  8. I'm not sure, that *may* have happened to me but I can't remember for sure. It just seems to ring a bell...
  9. Hey all, glad you liked them Cheers very much :D @DeathScepter: Yeah... Played TSL first, so figured out that the PC in the original was Revan. She was the female face that just smaked "Revan" to me. @Xard: To be honest I haven't really looked into doing a male Revan, because I'm so wound up in Revan being female But I have done female Revan in the original armour, if that's what armour you mean http://img374.imageshack.us/img374/9873/ju...odeltavb1vj.jpg See also at the bottom @Purgatorio: Malak speech - Revan is effectively in the position that Trotsky takes in the very original picture - this is partionally symbolic, as I always saw Revan as being, just as a lucky coincidence, quite reclusive. She would make lots of speeches herself, but not be the main centre of attention. Even when she was effectively leading the Republic forces, then the Sith, her image wouldn't be plastered over every wall. Unlike Malak, who I see as someone who would rule by a cult of personality. After Revan left the Republic, I imagine her image would have been purged - likewise, after Malak disposed of her, her image inside the Sith would have been purged - airbrushed out as it were. Might go to explain how after being one of the most famous people in the Galaxy, she is not recognised as she wanders around. As for the Tatooine pic, yeah, I see what you mean about the bridge, definitely. Certainly looks a little flat to say the least. Unfortunately I fear it goes beyond that - every-so-often I produce art that I just never like. Anyway - one new pic. A Deralian concept picture - basically part of my take on the story is that Revan's battle armour is actually traditional battle armour of her people. So this pic is a concept people of some of her compatriots in similar armour before a battle. Hope you likes
  10. Hello all - just popping by I would stay more but I'm not doing much art recently I'm afraid - either busy with work, or writing instead Great stuff Purgatorio, that's very impressive! Bassy, I've already seen those, so you already know I like them Thought I'd post all the relevent pics I've done in the last few months en mass for you to like, if you want. ------------- Starting in order of least recent, first. http://img226.imageshack.us/img226/9749/sarnaodin2pq.jpg Sketch of Sarna, the female Sith Officer that invites you to a big piss-up on Taris. In the fan-fic I'm writing, Sarna will play a much, much larger role. I've also decided to merge some of the facts, and have called her Sarna Organa - part of the all-powerful, wealthy and corrupt Organa family that are mentioned during the game. http://img82.imageshack.us/img82/4039/tarisburns9va.jpg Another Taris one - this time based on the planet's destruction. People have already commented on the crappy lasers, so don't worry. http://img101.imageshack.us/img101/9092/revantrooper9pc.jpg Little concept sketching of Revan dressed in Female Sith Battle Armour http://img101.imageshack.us/img101/3067/ahmedtwo3nm.jpg Another sketch of a character I plan for a later fanfic -- Some Futurama pics http://img135.imageshack.us/img135/657/alp...ltaxliia6mf.jpg Amy - based losely on dream I had http://img226.imageshack.us/img226/2378/al...taxliiia5qi.jpg Amy again http://img529.imageshack.us/img529/7431/la...tacxxixa6de.jpg Leela -- http://img230.imageshack.us/my.php?image=j...richovba4pq.jpg Almost Futrama - Juhani in the style how I usually draw Futurama. http://img224.imageshack.us/img224/7375/deralia5c22bt.jpg Concept pic of Deralia - based on a car journey I had... http://img124.imageshack.us/img124/6506/deadarm9pg.jpg This one is of my Exile, with a twist. For some reason at the time, I thought it might be interesting to give her a unique feature - basically a whole arm that is dead, completely. Rotting away as such. Some nasty by-effect of Malachor. It was a bit obvious that this was not actually possible. If it was rotting, she would have had to amputate it within the 10 years till the start of TSL, otherwise she'd probably be dead already. So I'm toying with the idea of her not actually being fully alive anyway after Malachor. The explanation would take too long to go through here though... http://img19.imageshack.us/img19/6143/swordplay3cv.jpg Another "unique anatomy" idea - this time with Revan. Put simply, my Revan is not human - she's a near-human - a race descended from an ancient Jedi who are called "Stalkers". (More a homage to Arkady and Boris Strugatsky's "Roadside Picnic" (as well as Andrei Tarkovsky's film "Stalker" and the GSC Game World's "S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadows of Chernobyl")) Anyway, part of a Stalker's (very long, and very drawn out) life is ritualls involving animals of Deralia - often Stalkers would duel beasts with sword like arms. The beast's "sword" stems at a ball joint and can swivle in almost any side or forward facing direction. Stalkers have mutated or adapted or something to be able to do the same-ish - though I'm not 100% how I can explain that way just yet. http://img91.imageshack.us/img91/1851/juli...cholimaib0g.jpg -LARGE PIC. This was my entry for the May KOTORFanMedia dueling ring thingy challenge. The theme was Death, and here it's basically the death of poor old Trask... http://img261.imageshack.us/img261/1065/malakspeach0ln.jpg Sketch of a speech by Malak appealing to other Jedi and so forth before the wars started. It's supposed to mimic paintings of Lenin speaking. I've also include Revan on the steps, and the bloke standing above her is another character that is behind the whole "let's go to war" effort with them. He'll die at Malachor and eventually be reborn as Sion. http://img439.imageshack.us/img439/7331/ju...ltaviiia7nn.jpg Mind-wiped Revan as Bastila's Padawan on Tatooine - complete with braid, and shorter hair for reasons I won't go into here. I'm not all that please with it though - can't put my fingure on it however. http://img54.imageshack.us/img54/7634/outcastgirl2sw.jpg Concept of a girl from the Under-City - decided to give her pale skin and abnormally large eyes. http://img80.imageshack.us/img80/2074/worldcupdoodad4xu.jpg I know I'm posting this here late - but to commemorate the World Cup, I decided to finally draw a Futurama homage that I originally thought about drawing for Japan/Korea... http://img334.imageshack.us/img334/1016/ju...cholimaiib2.jpg My entry for June's KOTORFanMedia challenge thingy. This one was based on "supporting characters" - basically anyone who doesn't appear on the Ebon Hawk crewlist. This one I did of Saul - and took several liberties with. Firstly his appearance, of course, but also his story. In my storyline, Saul is not as evil as he is in the game - he still has a concious, but is determined to destroy the Jedi. The pic takes place as the Hawk is captured on the Leviathan, and Saul takes Carth aside once more and tries to reason to his old protege, and convince him to see the situation that Saul sees (without going as far to say "Don't you know you're traveling with Revan?" but the seed of doubt is sown) - but Carth of course tells him to go to hell. He still has "Blood on his hands". There we go - that's it so far. Hope you all likes... Hopefully see you soon.
  11. KOTOR passed me by until I just decided to finally get TSL. TSL blew me away - the story telling was fantastic, and really overawed me with a sense of history and mystery that I felt I just HAD to seek out the original. I finally got it through, and to be honest, KOTOR blew me away more. Sure in some ways I was disappointed - TSL had made some good inovations in the interface that I felt were definite improvements over the original - thus, I was narked not to have them. And the story-telling that had really got my interest going just didn't exist in KOTOR - but over all I really did prefer the KOTOR's story - it perhaps wasn't written as well as in TSL, but my GOD, TSL is so bleak! I remember, even playing TSL the first time, Peragus was really depressing and seeing a living, moving ship on the entry to Telos I was amazed - my God, the game can handle non-aggressive NCPs! (Civilians in other words) But all in all, KOTOR is more brighter, lacks some of the comedy of game two but, has, I think, a crew I'd prefer to spend my time with, and I think more lively music. And it was finished properly too. I'm not rubbishing TSL - far from it, but as a gaming experience , I do prefer KOTOR, even though I played it second.
  12. Lovely stuff Maq The darkling one left me a little but I think it's very good. All very good :D Here's a quick little one of my own - another one about Bao's arm. Hope you likes http://img161.imageshack.us/img161/5153/baoarm26jz.jpg
  13. Dammit - I've got to check back more often - a female stalker and I didn't realise! " I seem to be on a roll this year :D Glad to see you and your work here Maquaii (@BW - a little bit of Russian can go a long way :D ) Anyway, love all the artwork - nice to see you here too Canaan Aphettu Neat Mandalorian LoneWolf - like to see some more @Stewdawg24, tell your buddy I'm in awe. @Basky - great pics - I especially like the Dantoonie one - comes out quite nicely I think Right, moving back to my ego-artwork I mean. @Val: Thank you very much for your comments - yes, anatomy is where I fall down though - along with perspective. I used to go to life-art classes in Norwich - me thinks I should find the time to go again in Bristol. Cheers again though @Linda-Bitt: Cool, though, I mean, I am aware that holding daggers like that is common practice - I was just thinking of making it slightly unorthodox in holding swords in the same fashion - of course, the fighting style would be much the same, mostly fast flowing and lots of stabbing action. That said, in the fanfic, I was intending for Carth to think it silly and wrong, but then be proved wrong - though I was unsure whether or not such a fighting style would be feasible in reality. I am thinking of writing the fighting style that Revan and her percieved kind use as coming from the mimiking of a Deralian beast - probably not too disimilar in some respects to an Acklay. Perhaps I'll draw a concept of it. Right, in the mean time - some more artwork. ------------------------------------------------------- Juhani as a human Soviet soldatka...again http://img380.imageshack.us/img380/3479/ju...richoivb4pm.jpg Two very large Futurama pics Leela http://img107.imageshack.us/img107/9531/la...cxxviiia5fr.jpg Amy on a beach (there is some nudity in this, but you can't actually see any...you know...) http://img428.imageshack.us/img428/8001/al...eltaxlib0dr.jpg Next two Futurama-eque KOTOR pics Jiara on KFM made a suggestion and I made this from it - Atris and the Sith holocrons... http://img84.imageshack.us/img84/1842/julietdvaabeli2gj.jpg Darth Revan (my choice of Revan, naturally...) http://img130.imageshack.us/img130/208/revanstylised2nr.jpg A concept of an original character Ahmed - an anti-hero from a fanfic I intend to write set several decades into the future (beyond KOTOR that is) http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/1464/ahmedb7cx.jpg And lastly, a comic involving Bao, though you don't get to see him. I was just thinking about how else he could use his special arm... http://img368.imageshack.us/img368/1650/baoarm8gu.jpg Hope you likes
  14. Cheers - @DL: Of course Deralia has more trees - I just haven't got round to drawing them yet " Done another pic My idea of the uniform of Republic ground forces during the Mandalorian wars - mostly based on the "Soldier" clothing you get in game - I think actually that clothing looks quite nifty and should be more valuable than just bog-standard, well, clothing. Hope you likes Not happy with the anatomy - but I did do it (almost) without reverting to vectoring and HUGE amounts of layers so in some ways I'm quite chuffed with what came out. Still not happy with the anatomy...
  15. @Vall Konnar: That does look stunning, I love it :D Actually I've been away at the KFM forums for a while, I've been filling my own art thread with some stuff - mostly some concept pieces for a fan-fic I'm writing. Feel free to look at them if you want Revan concept pics ---------------------- http://img506.imageshack.us/img506/5756/revcon13go.jpg http://img506.imageshack.us/img506/8710/revcon26qv.jpg http://img487.imageshack.us/img487/7260/revcon3a1bn.jpg - this one I was semi-exploring whether a fighting style like this would be plausible Deralia concept pics (not that they ever go to Deralia, I just thought it might be nice to flesh the planet Revan considers her home, out) --------------------------------------------------------------- http://img508.imageshack.us/img508/9097/deralia1a2uk.jpg http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/2176/deralia2a1wd.jpg http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/3308/deralia3a8cd.jpg http://img56.imageshack.us/img56/6676/deralia42du.jpg - though this one I did mostly because I liked the sunset I could see so tried to mimic it. http://img56.imageshack.us/img56/1027/daraanb4kd.jpg - mostly-original character concept http://img383.imageshack.us/img383/2810/gizky6xb.jpg - one just for the sheer hell of it " Hope you likes
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