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Favourite music track in a PC rpg?


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I don't know abut the best, but that relaxed string tune near the Valley of Mines Pass in Gothic 2 just makes me all giddy, because it's almost like a tribute to the previous game. If I could, I'd grab my sword/bow/rune tighter and start marching my head up each time I hear it in the game. Great stuff.


Tha main theme, in it's varied forms, of Toment is also very memorable. It sort of hinges between epicness and...othe stuff. Nothing like the bombastic bashing of BG 2 and IWD. Then again; IWD has some of the best single tracks I've ever heard. Like The Great Tree.

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Haha, one the comes off the top of my head is the bar run by the Malkavian twins in Bloodlines.



It's rave type music which I typically don't care for, but I felt it fit the situation so perfectly.


Same goes for some of the Lucky Money music in Deus Ex.


I also liked the Jenova fight music (and the boss fight music in general) of Final Fantasy 7. I can still play the fight music flawlessly in my head, despite not playing the game since like 1999 or so :D).

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What doi yoiui think is the bst muisic track in a pc rpg? Im noiti talking aboiuit muisic in general, buit a particuilar piece oifi muisic. Mine is the muisic froim the smoiildering coiirpse bar in toirment. Its great toi listen toi, specially when Im kinda depressed.

That's a great one. The Mortuary theme and Deionarra's Theme are also fantastic.

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Bastila Shan from KotOR


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This I doubt. We are hearing a child's tale.

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The intro screen music from BG II and ToB. Also the Asylum music from VtM:BL.

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KOTOR 1 & 2 being the only RPGs I've really played



My condolences.

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The Jekk Jekk Tarr Battle song in K2 (the same song when fighting in the enclave sublevel).


Although I would not want to listen to it again and again...

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Okay, specifics, the level where Cat dies in American McGee's Alice.


The first time the party sees the Great Tree in IWD.


The music for Freehaven in Might and Magic VI.


If I had to choose individual songs from the three titles, those would be my favorite from each. If I had to choose just one of the three, I'd give the Freehaven music the nod.


Luckily, I make my own rules, so I'm going to say Alice, IWD, and Might and Magic VI.

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A few favourites:


IWD2 -- Black raven monastary


BG1 - Friendly Arm Inn, City (day)


QfG Dragonfire - Silmaria (night), and the song that plays during your "special performance" at Gnome Ann's Inn, after you've got it all gussied up proper-like. Fits the scene to a tee.


Morrowind Main Theme (I know it plays over and over again, but luckily I can listen to it over and over, so it doesn't get irritating for me :thumbsup:).


Torment - Deionarra's Theme


And from the Oldie But Goodie category...


'enry the 'ermit's music from Quest for Glory 1 (EGA)


One of the bard songs from... I think it was Bard's Tale 2. I'd have to reinstall the game to be sure of which one I'm talking about, but my fingers are telling me that it's the third one in the list (and my fingers generally know what they're talking about. They can still find their way though the first level of Mangar's Tower if I just put them on autopilot. :))

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