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Places of power

Which KOTOR locale do you think was strongest in the Force?  

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  1. 1. Which KOTOR locale do you think was strongest in the Force?

    • Dantooine - Jedi Enclave
    • Korriban - ancient Sith tombs
    • Dxun - Temple of Freedon Nadd
    • The Star Forge
    • Malachor V - Trayus Academy
    • Revan - the very ground she treads upon
    • The entry ramp of Visas Marr
    • Inside the Handmaiden's black lingerie
    • Bastila's brassiere
    • Mira's hair

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Well, I wouldn't really consider Revan a "place", so I gave it to Malachor V (and the Trayus Academy). I would imagine Korriban was considerably strong within the Force as well, being one of the base worlds of the Sith Order, but it just seemed like Malachor V was meant to be portrayed as carrying truly tremendous "weight" in the sense of its power within the Force.


It was a place entirely corrupted by the Dark Side of the Force, by the presence of the "true" and ancient Sith. Even one of their original structures -- built long ago -- was still intact on the surface of the planet, even after the original activation of the Mass Shadow Generator. Its power was continually fed by war and death (and the battle -- and massacre -- that took place there during the Mandalorian Wars certainly fed its power quite a bit), and it spawned some truly dangerous Sith Lords and powerful echoes within the Force. It was also presumably where Revan spent so much time converting wayward Jedi and soldiers of the Galactic Republic to his cause before and during the Jedi Civil War, not to mention that it was there where Revan apparently first came across the ancient teachings of the Sith Order in the first place. I'd say it was just at least slightly more of a presence than Korriban was.

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I'd have to say the Star Forge. The Star Forge alone corrupted the entire Rakatan Infinite empire and destroyed them. With Bastila "re-charging" and Malak's life draining Jedi there to help him, if it had been Revan instead of Malak in that final battle, no way possible could Revan had been defeated. Nadda.



However if I could choose something not on the poll, i'd say Nihilus all around. They talk about how anyone who even comes into contact with him, save a strong willed person, will become a slave to his will. Dudes just a monster.

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Malachor V, without a doubt. Nothing matches it for the sheer echo of all of those lives that were lost in one act of horrible violence.


Dxun has mixed signals, reflecting the hopes of the Mandalorians as well as the Republic assault. Nadd's tomb is there, but nobody really knew it. If they felt its presence, it was only very faintly. Dantooine was a smaller, more isolated planet, and while it was bombed extensively, the Jedi there had some warning. It seems just empty and sad now, faintly echoing of past glory and quietly testifying to its own destruction.


Star Forge was a very powerful place, I agree, but it seemed nullified without the presence of a strong leader. It's more a DS device than an entity. The deaths it is responsible for occurred as a result of its use, but distantly. It didn't destroy the Rakatan--they built it, then destroyed themselves. Malak was able to use it, but was not as strong in the Force as Revan. Output dropped drastically. And with both Malak and Revan gone, it stopped completely, becoming just another echo. Assuming that it still exists (I thought I blew it up), or that another one does, it waits passively.


Korriban is much the same. It bears a strong DS taint, but it's empty. The most powerful souls, such as Ajunta Pall, are gone. The less powerful ones function on an elemental level, stirring the Hssiss but little more. What DS influence remains responds to strong Force users and attempts to claim them, so it will always be dangerous. But the violence on its surface just petered out, as the Sith students fought amongst themselves and the Masters fled.


Malachor is alive with death. The shadow generator not only instantaneously crushed every living being on the surface, but it pulled the orbiting ships and their crews down into it, too. The Force was not stripped away, as it was from Katarr; it was trapped. It reaches out so strongly that anything within earshot can't help but be affected. It's anger and fear and pain incarnate.


The rest of the choices are just silly.

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