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  1. I think anakin had the most potential, he did have the highest midicloron (sp) count ever. But even at his height of power, I dont think he couldve taken on Revan, let alone the emperor. I think I'd vote Darth Sidious, not only did he bring down the republic which stood for twenty thousand years, he also kept his true identity hidden from some of the greatest jedis to ever grace the universe. He also trained some of the most badass bad guys to ever grace the movie screen. As far as accomplishments go, its hard to beat his resume. I dont see how Luke could be the most powerful, sure h
  2. Nobody's an untalated drawer. You just need to work on it. I like to think I'm pretty good now and I started out being unable to draw proper stick figures. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ok then, how about untrained drawers instead....or undedicated or unworthy or un....well you get the picture. although it is possible to become good at something your untalented at. Example: some people suck at math but can still ace the class with enough hardwork and study. A talent is just the base stat you start out with, until you lvl up at least....
  3. same thing happened to me on my second time thru, first time I beat all of them fine. My times were insanely low the second time thru, but they would never give me the credit....I even did nar shadaar without hitting one wall/car/block and hti almost all the pads possible, finally i just gave up, the moneys not worth that much frustration
  4. I concur All aboard the Visas shuttle, destination: Visas entry ramp :D
  5. (w00t) i like what you did with nilius, how he just blends in, keep it up
  6. hot... wow, those are really sweet, my fav is http://aimostudio.com/gallery/sketch/2005/20050124.jpg from your website keep up the good work for all of us untalented drawers :D
  7. oh.....I get it now lol that new collage looks badass too btw
  8. so many polls... I voted for same stuff added also, although a scene about charging up visas.....oh never mind....
  9. whoot, an updated, keep them coming eisu, you rock..... but who is sion in love with?
  10. Well its obvious, she became jelious of me going for Visas entry ramp, and so I voted for none of above since jeliously isnt up there. also she was a tad bit jelious that she didnt get to run off and fight in the jedi civil war, imo.
  11. Oh crap, didnt see that hk was a choice till after I had voted for bastila.... Well, I'll just stand by my choice of sexy british accent
  12. bah, another poll that I wanted to be serious, but visas entry ramp > everything else
  13. Well I really wanted to check a serious answer circle but Visas entry ramp is so distracting. Now what would I have voted for if that wasnt a choice.....?.....ummm.....ummmmmm.....seem to have forgotten the poll.....entry ramp so distracting.....must charge up ramp......
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